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What to do when traveling around Makarska Riviera?

Wandering around Makarska Riviera and enjoying the views? Here are some tips on how to enjoy this place even more! As long as you follow our recommendations, or using our mobile guide, it doesn't matter which place on the Makarska Riviera you choose for your basecamp, a small village of Drašnice or Makarska, the center of the region. Sometimes, all we need is a peaceful, sparsely populated place with beautiful beaches and a raw nature, but also an opportunity to see some concerts or visit the best restaurants. Makarska Riviera has it all! Makarska Riviera isn't large, this region is assembled of 60 kilometers of beautiful pebble beaches, Adriatic Sea's crystal clear coves and a huge cultural heritage which, unfortunately sometimes remain hidden. 

If you want to experience Makarska Riviera at its best, we'll be happy to help. For more detailed information, directions and other options, download our free mobile guide All in Makarska Riviera. Android and iOS users can get it for free!

If you noticed something while traveling around Makarska Riviera, or you want to share your experience, we'll be happy to publish your blog and photos! Feel free to contact us!

Get active in Makarska Riviera

Get active in Makarska Riviera

The best way to discover Makarska Riviera is to get on track! Pack up your sneakers and join us in hiking and biking around Biokovo and other spectacular scenes.

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