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They say a picture is worth a thousand words and video has 30 pictures per second!

But no amount of words or pictures can describe the beauties of Makarska Riviera.

So by making these videos, we tried to give you an impression of eternal summer (even in the winter months), the feelings we get when we walk out in the morning to the shore and sun rays touch our skin. 

We hope to bring these sensations into your homes, and to help you dream and plan your next vacation in Makarska Riviera. It is a lively destination all year round, and there's lots to explore! From the beaches all the way to the top of the Biokovo mountain, Makarska Riviera is a destination worth exploring. 

The videos will hopefully spark up your travelling need, and make you want for more. Enjoy them, share them with your travel buddies, and see you soon in Makarska Riviera!

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All Videos

Makarska Riviera Videos
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