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Wandering around Makarska Riviera

Since you are on these pages, we guess that you want to discover the Makarska Riviera at its best, starting from restaurants and beaches to top sights and cultural events. Makarska Riviera is  60 kilometers wide and you can't explore it only by foot. You want a trusted information on how to get here and how to wander around safely. Local buses drive pretty frequently, which allows you to explore from  Drvenik to Brela in one day, but we suggest you not to hurry, take your time and explore!

It's up to you how you'll get here. If you choose your car, or you rent one after landing at the airport, some of the transportation problems are already solved, but new ones will appear. Parking lots and inability to access desired locations without traffic roads are some of them. Additional transportation options such as scooters, bikes and boats can be helpful! However, here are some articles we wrote for you to make it easier to understand traffics in Croatia, drivers habits, signs and gestures you will probably meet with. 


Also, we'll suggest some trusted transportation companies, official Makarska Promet timetables, bus station information and taxi drivers numbers. What else? "Makarska Riviera All in", our mobile app is equipped with dozens of traffic related articles, bus station's Google street shots, navigation, distance meter and so on. Have in mind to install it on your smartphone before you hit the road. 

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