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Next step after choosing Makarska Riviera for your vacation destination, is to make a research on apartments, rooms or holiday homes, as well as it's prices and availability. You can use some of the popular booking services, or you can browse official tourist board pages who offers mostly family owned accommodation. If you ask us, we'll rather choose other channels.

On the following pages, we'll explain differences in big booking services, private travel agencies, individual homeholder's offers and official tourist board's accommodation offers. Aside that, we'll write about great options on where to spend all that money you are used to give for commission and booking services's fees and percentages. Fees you pay could be as big as the price of a nice dinner for two at a fancy restaurant at the Makarska Riviera. You can use alternative ways to avoid fees, your host and you will be happier. It's on you to decide how to spend your money.

One of the accommodation offers you can consider is to read this blog carefully, some of the most beautiful and highly rated homes will be presented. Also, free mobile app "All in Makarska Riviera" is giving you an opportunity to check out accommodation offer at our maps where you can get all the info you need, including phone numbers, e-mail addresses, web pages, facebook pages and other helpful links about homes you like, so you can contact your hosts directly and avoid fees.

Accommodation in the Makarska Riviera

Makarska Riviera Accommodtation
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