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Water sports on the Makarska beach

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

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Watersports in Makarska, kids enjoying the summer joys on the beaches of Makarska Riviera

What is summer without swimming, sunbathing and enjoying the water sports? Makarska Riviera, also know as a Homeland Of Summer, surely has something to offer! Whether you are a recreational or professional athlete, on the Makarska beaches you can find activities that suit you.

Man swimming in deep blue Makarska Riviera's sea

Swimming along the pine forest is perhaps the healthiest activity you will fall in love with in Makarska. You may not have known, but these mystical trees were worshipped in many past civilizations. Pine trees represent immortality in the Far East due to their long life span and their distinctive sap. Pine tree is particularly recommended to treat diseases resulting from nerve malfunctions, neuralgic disorders and rheumatism. As you have already noticed, the Makarska Riviera is pretty rich in pine forests. Because of its health benefits, many patients suffering from respiratory system diseases, such as asthma or bronchitis, visit this climate seeking relief.

Couple enjoying summer joys on the Makarska Riviera beaches

You don’t have to swim, you can just float and enjoy. Allow the sun rays to supply you with vitamin D. The combination of iodine from the sea, vitamin D from the air, and fresh air from the pine forest is truly a healing treatment for your body and mind.

Pink flamingo and a couple relaxing on the Makarska beach

These are photos from the central Makarska beach, photographed by our photographer Boris Luetic. He's on social media, follow him on instagram and facebook.

Makarska offers a wide selection of more intense water sports you can enjoy. Renting a jet ski, or taking a ride on a paddle board... you can't go wrong. We recommend a paddle board, you will not pollute the environment, and rowing is a great exercise for the chest and back. Paddleboarding is an excellent workout. Few activities provide such an extensive range, and at the same time, it's also a fairly low-intensity and fun thing to do. Paddle boarding is also a great way to get fit. It's a low impact activity with many benefits that you can even lose weight while you chill! It is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels too!

Girl in bikini paddle surfing along Makarska beach
Parasailing speedboat cruising along Makarska Beach

If you want even more excitement, parasailing is a great choice. On almost every beach of the Makarska Riviera you have the opportunity to experience flying over the sea and enjoying the scenery. Watersports center in Tucepi is our choice. The view of the beach and Biokovo is unique. Find out more about Tucepi here. If you are looking for family accommodation in a quiet environment, consider these beautiful villas for rent: Villa Nina Tucepi & Villa Silva Tucepi.

Red lighthouse and yellow semi submarine in Makarska

For those who would like to explore the subaquatic world, but don't like the hassle or can't dive for medical reasons, we recommend booking a semi - submarine ride. There are a number of them along Makarska Riviera. It is a fun way to see what's hiding under the sea surface and it is a particularly good idea for families with kids! Prices range around 10 € per person. Yellow Semi Submarine Makarska is the one we sailed with, and we loved it!

Couple pedaling along Makarska Beach

On the beaches of the Makarska Riviera you have the opportunity to rent your own "non - motor boat", local expression is: pedaline

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