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Water sports on the Makarska beach

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

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Watersports in Makarska, kids enjoying the summer joys on the beaches of Makarska Riviera

What is summer without swimming, sunbathing and enjoying the water sports? Makarska Riviera, also know as a Homeland Of Summer, surely has something to offer! Whether you are a recreational or professional athlete, on the Makarska beaches you can find activities that suit you.

Man swimming in deep blue Makarska Riviera's sea

Swimming along the pine forest is perhaps the healthiest activity you will fall in love with in Makarska. You may not have known, but these mystical trees were worshipped in many past civilizations. Pine trees represent immortality in the Far East due to their long life span and their distinctive sap. Pine tree is particularly recommended to treat diseases resulting from nerve malfunctions, neuralgic disorders and rheumatism. As you have already noticed, the Makarska Riviera is pretty rich in pine forests. Because of its health benefits, many patients suffering from respiratory system diseases, such as asthma or bronchitis, visit this climate seeking relief.

Couple enjoying summer joys on the Makarska Riviera beaches