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Walking trail - Saint Peter Peninsula

Updated: Apr 14, 2020


Difficulty: Easy Distance: 2 km Time: 0,5 hour Basic features: #beach #running #walkingtrail #kidfriendly #makarska #sport #culture #elders


Peninsula of Saint Peter is one of two parks Makarska is embraced with, forming a beautiful scenery for a romantic movie, or a National Geographic series. As you probably already know, this peninsula has four beautiful top sights you should visit. This park is small but full of cultural heritage, but also natural wonders!

For a starting point we choose the Saint Peter's Lighthouse (first and third picture) and, since this walking trail is short and easy to complete, we'll make a full circle around this beautiful peninsula.

If you want to see what this peninsula looks like from the other side, you should try our Nugal walking trail which starts from the point where you can take a photo like this. Here, we created a map of St Peter's peninsula to guide you so feel free to use it and share it with your friends if you like it!

Walking along these paths, you will find many interesting spots, and the first in the series is this small Saint Peter's church, this peninsula is named after. The walls around this church hide many secrets, and for now all we know is that this area used to be a cemetery back in days. That's another story, and if you like myths and legends, read this story about vampires in the Makarska Riviera. Since the very steep stairs lead to here, you'll probably want to sit down and relax for a minute. Enjoy!

A bench to relax while walking around St Peter's peninsula in Makarska, Croatia
There are many relaxing spots along the way

Are you ready for more? Saint Peter Peninsula is crossed with more different short walking paths, which serve as fire escape routes, and when you see it - don't be afraid to take it because wherever you go, you won't get lost. To find out more about top sights you will be able to see here, download our mobile guide which will show you all the essential information about specific buildings, beaches and wonders of nature. Aside from that, we believe that you may feel hungry at some point, so our food guide included in the app can be pretty helpful! Android users should tap here, and iOS users should use this link to get this app for free!

No matter which path you choose to tour the Saint Peter Peninsula, it's good to know all the details about specific location you're at, so we suggest to browse our top sights web site section to get the complete information. Some of them are: Makarska's Love Locks, Saint Peter statue, the church of Saint Peter, an old fortress, a lighthouse...

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