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Walking trail: Podpec - Kotišina

Updated: Apr 13, 2020


Difficulty: easy - medium Lenght: about 3 km one way Time: 45 minutes walk

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One of many walking/cycling trails leads from Podpec to Kotišina village. This track is actually a part of a much larger web of trails, that connect nearly all old villages on Makarska Riviera.

Have you ever traveled around the world for free? No, you did not, and you won't but we can get close to that.

Stunning view of Makarska from the trail near Kotisina in Croatia
Spectacular view of Makarska

These (mostly gravel) roads were initially built for fire prevention, but soon enough became favorite routes for all nature lovers. You start at approximately 300 meters above the sea level, in Podpec hamlet ,whose name literally translates to "under-the-caves". Look above your head, and it will all make sense to you. Podpec hamlet is a part of old Tucepi's area (or, how locals like to call it "upper" or "gornje Tucepi". To understand the difference and meaning of this "upper" and "coastal" adjectives, read this article about Villa Nina). From here, the track heads west.

Winding across the hills at the foot of Biokovo mountain, this route offers amazing views of the Riviera, and some great photo-ops.

Don't worry - here's a map we created just for you. You can use it as you like, but be aware that our articles and tips are just here to give you general information and tips. Please, respect the local laws, don't leave your garbage behind and do not light an open fire. We also advise you to read the safety recommendations, which you can find in our application, and on our website. In case of emergency, dial 112 which is a common emergency telephone number that can be dialed free of charge from most mobile telephones.

Our route ends in Kotišina village - a host to both the Botanical garden and the XVII century fortress you can read about here. We chose to go from Podpec to Kotišina but you can go the other way round, starting in Kotišina and ending up in the beautiful small village of Podpec, Tucepi.

Botanical garden in Kotisina is a small version of mountain Biokovo with beautiful plants and view
Biokovo Botanical garden entrance

Kotišina Botanical Garden is not a botanical garden in the classic sense, where each plant is planted by certain rules, but it is designed as a "walled part of nature", and it holds the natural vegetation forms with native flora. At the site of the present church of St Anthony in Kotišina, which was built in the period from 1901 to 1903, there used to be an old church which was restored in 1672. Today, there's nothing left of it, except for a preserved inscription on the apse of the church.

The apse inscription on the church of St Anthony in Kotisina near Makarska, Croatia
The apse inscription on the church of St Anthony

From here, the track continues towards Makarska, but that's a story for another day.

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