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Walking trail: penninsula Osejava - beach Nugal

Updated: Apr 13, 2020


Difficulty: Easy - Medium

Lenght: 2 kilometres

Time: 45 minutes walk Basic features: #running #sports #bicycle #workout #athlete #makarska #makarskariviera #croatia #osejava #forest #nature #adriatic #centraldalmatia #nugal #walkingtrail


Osejava peninsula gained its popularity mostly because of the beach Nugal (and some other hidden gems), but this forest park is a perfect place for any kind of physical activities, too! Walking from the beginning of peninsula to beach Nugal takes approximately 45 minutes. Reward? Relaxing on beautiful beach and a refreshing swim in the Adriatic sea.

This beautifully decorated wooden bench on the first picture is the first place you'll want to take a photo of when start this route. If you look on your right, you should see St Peter's lighthouse which juts out from the sea. Now, you know that you're on the right path. Another place to rest, that shady spot under the old pine tree you can see on third photo is somewhere in the middle of this route from Makarska to the Nugal beach.

Osejava forest is a favorite gathering place for pet owners and their furry best friends. If you take your four legged friend with you, make sure he/she's on leash.

Since this peninsula is quite untouched by people and there are no adequate trash cans, please don't throw garbage around this beautiful forest and be aware that locals are pretty sensitive about that. If you bring foods or drinks with you (we strongly recommend to take a bottle of water with you), put it in a backpack and throw it away when you arrive to Makarska or Tucepi.

Nugal beach in Makarska, Croatia was among the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe
Nugal, one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia

Walking trail is easy and does not require strong physical condition, both young and elderly are welcome to join. Take your furry best friend with you for a walk. Make sure to bring water and full battery charge on your mobile phone, there will be plenty of photo spots . You don't want to miss the opportunity to share it with your Instagram friends. As you can see from this map we created to make it easier for you to navigate, Osejava peninsula connects Tucepi with Makarska in the most beautiful way, through the woods with spectacular views.

This and other walking trails on Osejava peninsula are also bike friendly, and kids can join in on the fun, too! For the most part, they are wide gravel trails, and it is easy to access the main road from most of them. However, walking in the summer months can be exhausting, as it gets very hot. That's why you should always bring a lot of water with you, and make sure you have a full cellphone battery, no matter how close your apartment/hotel may seem.

Should you find yourself in serious trouble, simply call 112, the international emergency number. To help you navigate around the best local sights, we also made the Makarska Riviera free mobile guide, available for IOS and Android, and in six languages!

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