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Walking trail: Kotišina - St Martin's church

Updated: Apr 13, 2020


Difficulty: easy

Lenght: 700 meters

Time: 20 minutes walk


When you've already reached Kotišina village, and have enjoyed the scents of Botanical garden, and the view of Kotišina fortress, but still feel like exploring a bit more, then continue towards the church of St Martin.

The church of St Anthony is the central point of Kotisina village near Makarska in Croatia
The church of St Anthony is the central point of Kotisina village

The church is of enormous cultural and archaeological importance for Makarska, since it is the only untouched building dating back to pre-Osman times.

The church was badly damaged in the catastrophic earthquake of 1962., when a whole cliff broke off from Biokovo mountain, broke through the north wall, and landed right onto the south wall of the church.

That obviously caused the damage on the entire church structure, and resulted in a collapsed ceiling, and total devastation. The only thing left standing after the earthquake was the east wall and the entrance.

17C fort in Kotisina takes central spot in the Kotisina village in Makarska
17C fort in Kotisina is a must-see spot when in Makarska Riviera

The #trail from Kotišina is mostly a narrow one, and it is not suitable for flip-flops, but for proper walking/hiking shoes. Don't forget to bring water, and sunblock, especially in the summer months. This particular walking trail is easy and does not require strong physical condition.

View of island Hvar and peninsula Peljesac from Kotisina village near Makarska in Croatia
View of island Hvar and peninsula Peljesac from Kotisina village

Avoid going on walks from 10.00 AM to 18.00 PM in the summer months, as it gets really hot, and you can easily dehydrate. Make sure to have appropriate clothing and footwear.

Along the trail, there is also a spot for tired cyclist, hikers and others, where you can lay down and relax a bit, of take cover in a sudden summer rain.

resting spot for cyclists and hikers in Kotisina near Makarska in Croatia
Resting spots along the way are a great place to take photos as well

From the church of St Martin you can easily continue to Makarska, or the old Makar village.

Oh, and don't forget to look up, maybe you'll spot a chamois, a golden eagle or even a vampire, if you're lucky enough.

Old house in Kotisina near Makarska in Croatia
Old storage facilities are use as hen houses today

Hiking in Makarska Riviera can be extremely fun, but only if you follow local laws and guides. Make sure you're always properly dressed, and have plenty of water. Should you find yourself in trouble, simply call 112 - the emergency number that you can dial free of charge. The dispatcher will connect you with the local emergency service you require. Remember, all info you need you can find in our mobile app, available for IOS and Android, or just hit us up via Facebook or Instagram.

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