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Walking trail: Bast - Makarska

Updated: Apr 14, 2020


Walking trail: Bast - Makarska

Difficulty: easy - medium

Lenght: about 7 km one way

Time: around 2 hours walk

Basic features: #kidsfriendly #walkingtrail #bast #zlatanotok #vepric #makarska

If you need a good bike ride, or are in mood for some hiking, or a longer dog walk, we have a perfect trail ready for you!

Your starting point is in the village of Bast, situated right above Baška Voda. You'll need some transport to get there (unless you're lucky enough to stay in one of the restored old houses in the village). We recommend you equip your phone with Makarska Riviera app, available for IOS or Android, which contains all the info on local bus schedule, car rentals and taxi services to help you get there.

You park at the cemetery in the center of the village, parking is free and open for everyone. Another great thing about this route is that you can fill up you water bottle right at the beginning of the trail. Next to the parking area, there is a faucet with fresh Biokovo mountain water. Make sure you have enough, the trail is 7 kilometers long, and you'll be leaving civilization and water access until you reach the end of it.

From the faucet, take a look at your right - the road leads downhill a bit, and after only a few meters there is a left turn. It is marked, and that is the start of your route.

Sign at the begining of the route says this is Wolf's Den hunting area
Vucja Dubrava or Wolf's Den hunting area sign

Take a good look around you. Notice the sounds and the scents - there's an abundance of wildlife, plants and herbs everywhere around you. See those small evergreen bushes with delicate little white flowers on them? That is Winter Savory (or vrisak in Croatian). And that other one, with the elongated soft leaves and purple flowers at then of long stems? That one is