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Tucepi, widest beach

This not-so-small village south of Makarska is probably best known for its spectacular beach. We know we mentioned them before, and beaches all along Makarska Riviera are all pretty much spectacular, but the one in Tucepi really stands out. We're talking about nearly four kilometers of uninterrupted pebbles, perfectly clear sea, and loads of pine trees along the way.

​If that's not enough, and you're looking for more reasons to spend your much earned holiday in Tucepi, here are some well and little known facts about the place. Tucepi is a home of Croatian (and Yugoslavian) tourism. Here, we're mostly thinking of Hotel Jadran (Croatian: Hotel Adriatic) on the most western edge of the village. The building itself is fantastic – it was built after WWII as a private resort for the secret police of the time, but already in the 1950s, this hotel was opened for public.

And soon enough it became a staple of luxurious and elite tourism in this part of the Adriatic. Today, the hotel has been renovated, adapted for modern tourists, and is part of TUI Blue line of hotels – only a handful of TUI hotels have been picked to this prestigious group. For the adventureous ones, Tucepi offers zip lining, scuba diving, boat rides and (para)sailing.

For culture freaks there's a special treat: KaKultura festival in Tucepi hamlets. This festival is a rare gem of true culture that takes place throughout July and August. Every week, the organizers pick a different hamlet above Tucepi and bring actors, musicians and other artists to showcase their work. The audience is also very involved in this showcasing: before every event, the audience will say an oath, admitting they are there of their own free will, to support the arts, and to avoid phones and other distractions during the performances. They admit that (unlike in football) with participating in the arts, everyone always wins, and that after the show is over, they will not disperse and go home, but they will stay and discuss what they've just witnessed. Amazing stuff.

And for all of us die-hard-rock'n'roll fans, there's Toochepin. This „little rock festival of good hope“, as they like to call it, brings the best of old and new rock bands to Tucepi every summer – and smiles on all of our faces!

There's not enough room here to count all the fabulous old houses turned into luxurious villas or amazing restaurants that offer incredible food at fair prices. For that, check out our Stay and Eat&Drink sections, or download Makarska Riviera All In mobile guide on your phone.

Plenty of reasons to visit, don't you agree?

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