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Trip Advisor's top 10 restaurants in Makarska

As you already know very well, Trip Advisor is one of the most popular platforms for travelers. Today we bring you a quick overview of the most popular restaurants in Makarska. Some of these restaurants we just visited ourselves, and we have to tell you we weren’t disappointed! Still, it seems to us that some restaurants are unfairly neglected, or simply don’t instruct their guests to rate them on Trip Advisor.

Beef steak dinner
How about a Juicy stake for dinner?
So let's start, the best rated restaurant in Makarska, with more than 900 reviews is Restaurant Riva. Second in a row, the Hrpina restaurant has over 1500 reviews.

Although they have the same average rating, for some reason the Riva restaurant gets higher position. Our experience? We've been to the Riva restaurant a couple of times, and we were thrilled. Usually, that's where we eat fish. We also tasted meat and desserts. Prices are reasonable, our meals were always served and presented nicely. This restaurant deserves to be among the top 3 best! We would like to point out one special feature, for us - this restaurant has the most beautiful garden in the world!

Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to taste the delicacies of the Hrpina restaurant yet, and as soon as we do, we will tell you!

What do people say about Riva? Most of these reviews were written by satisfied guests, but of course, but you can find some less enthusiastic reviewers too. People mostly write about their delights in black risotto, and other seafood. Impressions of the guests who regularly return to this restaurant are also cheerful. Black risotto? Learn more about this culinary masterpiece! As for criticism, gluten free options and high prices are mentioned. We don't know much about gluten-free meals, but we think that the prices in this restaurant follow their quality offer. However, we suggest everyone to visit this fantastic setting in the center of Makarska.

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Hrpina Restaurant, also located in the city center, according to reviews, gained its popularity with great service and delicious seafood. Negative criticism refers mostly to the cramped space and slightly higher prices than expected.


On this list, you can find other great restaurants such as "Špina bar", "Don Antonio", "Tempera" ... a complete Trip Advisor top 10 list can be found here. Furthermore, we decided to give you our personal overview of the restaurants that are on this top list, and we tasted their food.

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Another thing we find important to mention is that not all of the good places should be gathered on the same list. Before choosing on where to eat, you should ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Are you short on time?

  2. What’s your budget?

  3. Do you prefer quality over quantity?

TIME In some restaurants, especially during the summer season, the service can be slower than expected, so if you’re short on time - you should choose restaurants whose menus are not so big and mixed.

MONEY Choose a place that fits your budget. As everywhere in the world, so in Makarska, you can find premium food at less popular restaurants and pay less. But, if you want to enjoy top quality service, wonderful view, and classy wines, be prepared to open your wallet. For example, the juiciest part of the meat, beefsteak, at the respectable restaurant would cost you around 190 kn = 25 €. On the other hand, you can also find great steaks in grill bars and pay 15% less. If you enjoy other things more than food, you want to save money and time, you can find a large number of bakeries and fast food restaurants in Makarska.

QUALITY is a universal concept, though tastes differ. When we talk about the quality of food in Makarska, the most important thing for us its freshness. Additionally, we will always choose local specialties and seasonal vegetables. Croatian wines are excellent, and we choose those that geographically belong to central and southern Dalmatia, but we also like to taste Istrian Malvasia.

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Great restaurants in Makarska that didn't fit in the top 10 Trip Advisor list, but we think they deserve to be mentioned

Konoba Kalalarga has reached 11th place in this selection, but we think it should be positioned higher. This restaurant, a classic Dalmatian tavern, is located in the center of Makarska, in the eponymous street: The Kalalarga street. Kalalarga is one of the favorite gathering places of Makarska residents, and its owner Mario Tomaš is also the chef. Fresh food, homemade ingredients, excellent service, and a relaxed atmosphere are the reasons why we love this place.

Grill Vucko Although this is a grill bar, located on the Makarska beach, it is a great choice for a quick lunch after a swim or a delicious snack before an evening out. They have a fairly wide menu, and we tasted grilled squid and a platter of meat. Great!

Pizzeria Konoba Novak delights with its ambience. Novak tavern is located on the ground floor of the Novak family house, a little away from the city bustle. If you ask us, this is the best pizza place in Makarska! We wrote about it here. Check it out.

According to the Trip Advisor, Kala Finger food & bar is #2 of 8 Bar in Makarska #28 of 96 Restaurants in Makarska, and we think that because the people see this place more as the gin/wine bar than the restaurant is the main reason why it's not positioned higher! Yes, they have a great selection of gins. Great finger food restaurant!


Croatian words that can be useful when eating out:

Dobar tek! - Good appetite / Enjoy your meal! Hvala! - Thank you Riblja hrana - Seafood Jela od mesa - Meat dishes

Konoba - Tavern / local restaurant

Stol - Table

Vino - Wine

Rakija - Local brandy / schnapps

Molim vas jelovnik - Can I have the menu, please?

Kruh - Bread Pršut - Smoked ham / Prosciutto

Pašticada - Traditional local dish, a beef stew


Dobar tek!

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