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Top 5 things to do in Makarska Riviera (that are social distance friendly and avoid crowds)

It’s a brand new era for tourism. Most experts agree that tourism is now changed forever, and they might be right. In the post-COVID19 times, everyone’s focus will be on safety and avoiding crowds. And luckily, Makarska Riviera has a lot to offer in this segment. We picked out for you the best 5 things to do on your holiday, that will not put you (or others) in danger of spreading the virus.

Romantic couple social distancing on a pier by the sea in Makarska Riviera sunset
Social distancing gets a new dimension in Makarska Riviera


No wonder hiking is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of avoiding crowds and having a great time. It is one of those activities where you can really focus on yourself and the nature around you. With Biokovo mountain behind its back, Makarska Riviera offers plenty hiking trails. Beware, not every trail is for everyone. Make sure you explore the hiking maps beforehand and be prepared for anything. And don’t go completely alone – a couple of friends or family members will make the hike even more memorable, and in this case, there’s certain safety in numbers. Biokovo is one of the most beautiful and most dangerous mountains in Europe, and it does not forgive rookie mistakes. Sunglasses, proper hiking boots (even in the summer), layers of clothing, and LOTS of water must find their way into your backpack. Make sure you have a full battery on your phone and enough space on your SD card; you’ll need them for potential emergency calls and taking some of the most amazing photos from your holiday. If you wish to go, but don’t know where to begin, we recommend one of our walking trails. They are easy enough for any aspiring walker/hiker, and will provide some of the most spectacular views of the Riviera.

You don't have to go far to find a place to be alone - peninsula Osejava comes to the rescue!


Another activity that can help you avoid crowds is cycling. And again, you can use those walking trails we mentioned in the section above. These are wide, gravel trails that cyclists enjoy using. Not to mention, in this way, you can explore most of Makarska Riviera and still avoid crowds. The villages above Makarska, from Brela to Old Podgora, are all connected though these trails, and there’s 30+ kilometers at your disposal. You will only need to cross the main roads a couple of times. Cycling is a great exercise, and if you get too tired, you can always stop and come down to any of the towns along the coast for a cold beer and some traditional Dalmatian food!

Bike leaning on a tree above Makarska Riviera
Cycling above the Riviera gives a great exercise and loads of time to get in touch with yourself


Although it looks like a big pile of rocks and nothing more when you’re looking at it from the beach, Biokovo Nature Park is a hotspot of bio-diversity. Among the animals that roam the area, there are mufflons, chamois, wolves, boars, snakes, spiders, butterflies, and nearly a hundred of different bird species. The biggest one is the golden eagle (lat. Aquila chrysaetos), and other species are not any less impressive. From the tiniest songbirds, to large aerial predators, Biokovo mountain is a heaven for any devoted bird-watcher.

The great tit - ridiculous name, but a great singer!


It goes without saying – Makarska Riviera has some of the prettiest beaches you’ll ever see. But it doesn’t mean you need to fry in the sun all day long. When hitting the beach, keep in mind there’s a lot to see underwater as well. So bring your snorkeling equipment with you and make sure you use it! Adriatic underwater is incredibly rich in life – both flora and fauna. This really shows if you go further south down the coast from Makarska: in places like Drasnice, Igrane, Zivogosce, and even further down towards Drvenik and Brist, you’ll find that there is a lot to explore underwater. There are algae, shells, fish, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find even dolphins, and fairly near the coast! Keep in mind these are all wild animals, and you are not to disturb them in any way. Respect their space and admire them from a distance! For those who wish to explore the deeper parts of the Adriatic sea, there are diving agencies that will provide equipment, short training courses and show you some of the most fantastic underwater landscapes of Adriatic!

Beaches near Zivogosce offer beauty and rich sealife
Beaches near Zivogosce offer beauty and rich sealife


If you had enough of restaurants and bars, how about going for a picnic? Hit the local market and equip yourself with locally made fresh produce for a delicious meal! Whether you cooked a meal in advance, or decided to keep it simple and make sandwiches for your fellow travelers, you will not go wrong. Fill up your backpacks and find a nice spot in the shade the olive trees or pines, and enjoy the scents of nature. We guarantee, spending a day outdoors will fill up your batteries more than any spa facility ever could! P.S. Make sure you take your trash with you. The locals are ‘allergic’ to people leaving trash behind, and you don’t want anything to ruin your holiday. Keep it green! Besides, you’ll come back next year, and you want your picnic spot to be as perfect as you found it in the first place. 😉

Keep in mind, all of these activities require some planning. To keep you on track, we recommend our Virtual walks section. You will find loads of great videos for inspiration and planning the best holiday you can have in Makarska Riviera.

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