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Why its okay to hate Jugo wind

Updated: May 25, 2020

You open your eyes in the morning and you already hate yourself, everything and everyone you know and see. No need for drastic murder/suicide actions – it’s just the wind that got into your head!

Jugo is the wind that every true Dalmatian despises to the bone. People go crazy because of it. We feel depressed, annoyed with everything, and we just want to go screaming and yelling and crying about everything. We know it sounds insane, but it actually is the truth. Low air pressure, clouds, rain drizzling for days – all of it gives us headaches beyond belief.

Dalmatian dog breed comes from Croatia, and can get moody in case of jugo wind
Did you know that the Dalmatian breed of dogs originated from here?

Jugo starts slowly, and it develops strength over a period of days. The longer it blows, the stronger it gets. And it can last for up to a couple of weeks. It brings us hot air from the Sahara desert, and rain that it picks up from the Mediterranean sea - making it difficult for us to relax and have a good night sleep. And everyone knows that if you don’t get a good night sleep, you’re no use in the morning. So people go on complaining and picking fights with each other. And we often say “Jugo udarilo u glavu” – which literally translates into “Jugo hit us in the head”. It means we’re not feeling ourselves, and we just want to go bed - and wait until it’s over.

Jugo affects us so much, that even in the Old Dubrovnik Republic (1358.-1808.) no major laws were passed when jugo was blowing, there were no hospital procedures or operations done, and if you did a criminal deed during jugo, you were excused, since “no-one likes themselves when jugo is strong, let alone others”. And that’s jugo wind for you: a strong southern menace that just won’t quit. Or at least it seems like that to us. But when it’s over, it’s also soon forgotten. The sun shines, people are smiling, and everything gets back to normal. Until it hits us in the head again. PRO TIP:

Sailing out during strong jugo is not advisable, and you should always check the weather before leaving the harbor. Make sure you have the Makarska Riviera app (available for IOS and Android) installed on your phone beforehand, it contains all warnings and emergency numbers. Remember, if you're in trouble, simply call 112, and help will be on its way.

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