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The most delicious Dalmatian delicacies made in Makarska

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Croatian Fritule


Sweet round fritters with taste of Dalmatia, also known as Fritule, Fritele, Prikle, Prsurate, Frite, Fanjkeci, Uštipci - a dessert adored by the young and those bit older.

old and young people smiling while eating Dalmatian delicacies in Makarska

Croatian Fritule or Fritters are a traditional dessert of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia region, and look like small donuts. Those sweets are usually prepared during carnival days, other festivals, and on Christmas Eve. Aside from their celebration note, they make a great breakfast or coffee snack and are served in many areas of Croatia. They are reminiscent of Italian zeppoles but the recipe is quite different, and it includes brandy (rakija) and lemon zest, and sometimes raisins. The rum or brandy was said to keep the fritule from picking up too much cooking oil.

Dalmatian delicacies Fritule made by Fritule Jeti from Makarska

Traditionally, fritule are served dusted with powdered sugar, but modern versions often incorporate an array of different sugary toppings such as melted chocolate, whipped cream, or caramel. Best served hot and fresh!

Makarska: Dalmatian Fritule with chocolate topping

Today, this traditional dish is becoming more and more popular at various festivals and celebrations, which also makes it a great business challenge for all those who love desserts!

Did you know? The first Croatian fritule factory is based in Makarska, and it is ran by Vukovic family.

Makarska: Tasty waffle breakfast deal served daily at Yeti Hostel in Makarska

Makarska based company Fritule Jeti produces the perfect instant mixture for quick preparation of these desserts. Their products can be found in all the better supermarkets in Croatia, and you will see their stands in various locations across Croatia. In addition to their perfect recipe, which they have been working on for years, Jeti also offers a partnership in a form of a sweet business franchise. That's right! You can make a real business of it! Follow: Fritule Jeti Facebook page for more info

Makarska, Kacic Square: Kids posing with Fritule Jeti mascot

Test your skills in preparing these ingenious desserts, you can find Fritule Jeti instant baking mixes in Kaufland and Konzum supermarkets. Be imaginative, this dessert can be served in a variety of ways.

If instead of buying a ready-made mixture, you want to test yourself in the preparation of the dough for baking these donuts, we must warn you that the process is simple, but it must be very precise. Some recipes are available online, and this one we found the most accurate: Klara Cvitanovich's Fritule recipe at The Spruce Eats.

Be careful: controlling oil temperature is critical. If it is too hot the fritule will burn, but if the oil temperature is too low they will absorb the oil.

Croats, and especially Dalmatians, are known for their gastronomy. Makarska Riviera is no exception, you can eat well here. Learn more about restaurants and traditional recipes on our Food & Drink pages. On this site, we bring you only tried and tested recipes, and restaurants that we enjoyed. We hope you'll have a similar experience. We try to choose those restaurants that nurture the traditional values of Dalmatian cuisine, but some surprise us with their knowledge of modern cuisine.

Since we mentioned Jeti fritule, it is time to mention this cute little hostel of the same name and ran by the same owners, located on the main square of Makarska. Hostel Yeti in the Makarska old town has a shared terrace and barbecue facilities, available to all guests as well as the shared kitchen.

The Yeti hostel offers bike rental as well as a 24-hour front-desk service. Within this hostel, there is a small coffee bar, nicely decorated in a musical style as expected from the Vukovic family.

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