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The Best Pizza place in Makarska

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world, and no matter what other great food you'll try when traveling, a good pizza is always a must-try. Although the origin of this dish is Italian, Croatian pizzerias are surely some of the best! Makarska's pizzeria Novak is no exception. Beautifully decorated as a traditional dalmatian tavern, familly-run and located on the ground floor of the family house, Novak tavern serves rustic, authentic and vintage cuisine.

At Novak tavern you can enjoy fresh meat and fish specialties as well, but what makes us come back is their pizza. To get a full picture, it is important to explain what kind of pizza we like the most, and what distinguishes Novak's pizza from the others we have tasted. First of all, it is prepared in a large old bread oven. True pizza lovers know how important it is for pizza to be prepared in the traditional way, in ovens that reach high temperatures. The dough shouldn’t be heavy, we love crispy dough, and Novak’s pizza dough is just that - crispy and light, but soft!

Novak Tavern pizza oven

Another thing that is important, after the last slice, is that you do not feel tired, heavy and stuck. That doesn’t mean the pizza is small; after eating pizza at Novak in Makarska, you will be full and energized, but light as a bird.


For all of you who are impatient or traveling on a budged, here's a little pocket guide: Waiting time (food): 15 minutes Drinks: 4 Coca Cola, 1 Sparkling water, 2 Heineken Beers

4 Persons: 4 different pizzas Total price: cca 45,00€ (340,00 croatian kunas)

As you can see from our experience, the prices are acceptable, the service is great and fast, and the pizza is fantastic!