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St George - the highest peak of Biokovo

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

This lookout is located on the top of Biokovo mountain. If you're driving: from the juction with Vošac road, head 6 kilometres further up the mountain road to reach the very top of Biokovo. In addition, St George can be reached via hiking trail from Makar through Vošac and from Veliko Brdo and Baškovici, through Lokve from the coastal side - or the hinterland side: from Milici village and from the Turija mountain saddle.

At the top of St George sits a television tower, the (tele)communication building, and the church of St George. The original chapel of St George, was probably built immediately after Christianization, and certainly existed in the 12th century, as evidenced shows through the stone slabs which are located above the altar of the old ruined church. The chapel commemorated the year 1640, and was restored through the past several times until it was finally demolished in 1965 to give way to a TV tower and the communications building. New church was built a few meters from the original spot in 1968.

Being 1762 meters high, St George is the third highest peak in Croatia.
Biokovo mountain peaks visible from Adriatic coast in Croatia
One of lower peaks of Biokovo visible from the seaside

From the top of St George, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the islands and the hinterland; and in extremely good weather it is possible to see the Bosnian-Herzegovinian mountains and neighboring Italy (Monte Gargano).

At first sight, Mount Biokovo might seem to be a huge and barren pile of rocks, but it is actually very rich in unique plant life and numerous animal species. You will see olive trees with their picturesque trunks, small cultivated plots of land which make up unique landscape and a spectacular view of the sea and the islands along the coastline.

Do you want to know the legend about this peak?

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