Festival of Makarska Riviera's United Bookworms

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Šumoteka festival is held in June Duration: 2-3 days Working hours: noon - midnight Location: Makarska, fra Jure Radic park

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Held for the first time in 2019., festival Šumoteka /shu mo teq'a/ was created to popularize reading, books and pop culture in Makarska Riviera. This festival is primarily intended for the elementary and high school students, but the kindergarten children enjoyed it so much as well! This festival is a confirmation that Makarska's residents of all ages love to read books.

We are proud to have initiated such an event, and the Makarska City Library and the Makarska Tourist Board have put our ideas into action.

Šumoteka is an outdoor reading festival event in Makarska, Croatia
Šumoteka is a place to relax and read in a peaceful setting

For starters, we will try to explain the name of the festival, for all of you whose mother tongue isn't Croatian, Bosnian or Serbian. Name Šumoteka is a wordplay, combination of two terms: woods or a forest, and a bibliothèque or the library. In Croatian, šuma means woods; and biblioteka means library (bibliothèque). Also, teka is the old expression for a school notebook, so we figured out to merge those terms into one word - Šumoteka.

The location of this festival, a small park in the city center which looks like a fairy tale is one of the most important segments of Šumoteka's idea and branding.