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7 historical places you should visit in Makarska!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

If you're visiting a place and skipping visiting its cultural heritage, you're missing out on a big chunk of what the destination has to offer. Also, if you ignore these spots, you will not be able to get a true impression of the people, culture and tradition. If you are an experienced traveler, you know the importance of, what some people like to call, "some old buildings". For everyone else, we would like to present you a list of the 7 most important places you should visit in Makarska!

Don't listen to what they say, go and see!

1. 'Kacic' square - monument to Andrija Kacic Miošic, the central square was built in 1890. On the #kacicsquare is also, the church of St Mark, and to the north, a public library and a music school. During the day, due to the extreme heat, the square is empty, but at it night turns into a real music show. It becomes the center for a multitude of concerts  and street performers. From classic, traditional, to modern music, for every taste. 

Mounument to fra Andria Kacic Miosic in the center of Makarska, Croatia is a perfect place to take selfies
Mounument to fra Andria Kacic Miosic in the center of Makarska
Instagrammers love Kacic square ;)

2.  Malacological Museum of the Franciscan #monastery was founded by Fra Jure Radic in 1963. Magnificent display of snails and shellfish of the Adriatic, as well as around the world, today it is the most famous Malacological collection in Croatia. The museum has valuable herbarium of plants from Biokovo mountain and small paleontological collection. It is open in the old Franciscan monastery that is under legal protection as a cultural monument.

3. Lighthouse St. Peter was built in 1884 and is located on the peninsula, near the main town beach. It is a stone building, and surrounded by natural rocky beach. If you make a tour of the #StPeterPeninsula, you cannot miss it. It is one of the favorite places of photographers to photograph cute newly married couples.

Take a walk along forest on peninsula St. Peter to get to lighthouse. Experience is pretty amazing
St Peter's lighthouse in Makarska, Croatia is a very romantic place for couples walk
The Lighthouse on St Peter is a very romantic spot

4. Sanctuary Vepric - Croatian sanctuary #Vepric is dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes. Founded  in 1908 by Bishop Dr. Juraj Caric. The natural cave and the whole landscape with hills, plants and live creek reminiscent of Lourdes. Because of its natural beauty, sanctuary is visited throughout the year. You can hike to get there from all parts of Makarska Riviera, and we reccommend this route.

Vepric sanctuary near Makarska in Croatia resembles Lourdes in France beacuse of its natural cave setting
Vepric sanctuary resembles Lourdes in France

5. Venetian drinking fountain - Southeast of the church of St Mark, built in 1775, is a public fountain. Even today, its water serves to quench summer thirst. The fountain was built by Ioseppo Bisazzio. The coat-of-arms carved on the right lateral side is currently the official symbol of the town of Makarska. 

6. The church of St Peter - This simple little church was built in the 15th century on the foundations of its forerunner from the 6th century. The church is sited on the forested St Peter’s Peninsula, which protects Makarska’s harbor. In front of the church and dotted around the peninsula you’ll find the ruins of buildings dating back to Roman, Venetian and prehistoric times. The forest park and the view of the town and the mountains make it well worth a stroll here. On the photograph below is the wonderful entrance to the courtyard of the church.

Church and courtyard on St Peter's peninsula in Makarska, Croatia are a good place for a relaxing walk in the shade of pines
Church and the courtyard on St Peter's peninsula

7. Kalalarga - On the main street - #kalalarga, we find elements of baroque architecture recognizable in some of the entrance doors, balconies, ornate stone coats-of-arms and windows. It has been also called "the wide street". Many shops, bars and restaurants with local food are located here, so make sure you drop by!

We selected only seven wonderful places you should visit, but there are so much more at the Makarska Riviera. If you download our mobile guide, you'll be able to browse through dozens of spectacular historical spots located at the Makarska Riviera. Aside from cultural heritage, All in Makarska Riviera will provide all the necessary information about this destination. Android and iOS users can download this app free of charge and enjoy it's benefits! Others, browse our pages and find out more! #topsights #makarska #culture #heritage #makarskariviera #homelandofsummer

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