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Girls, watch out!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

It does not matter if you are single, in relationship, young or older female visiting Makarska Riviera; prepare for the invasion of "seagulls".

Romantic couple-s monument to summer love on the promenade in Makarska, in Croatia.
Monument to summer love on the promenade in Makarska

As the legend says, seagulls are local, tanned, perpetually single, handsome guys whose age range extends from 20 up to 60 and will do anything to engage in an unforgettable, summer adventure with you. They will not resist to compliment a woman, even with her man right next to her. Male part of the statue represents just that.

Croatian word that best describes their appearance is 'markantan'

Look closely, and you’ll notice that the female tourist has a striking luster to her right boob. This perhaps reminds you of that big, golden toe on magnificent sculpture of Chancellor Grgur Ninski in Split. Yes, it’s believed, like in the toe story, that giving a friendly squeeze to right boob brings good luck upon the squeezer, as well as the fury of feminists all over the world. But no need to be mad at it, it is just a funny, modern monument which brings that silly touch to your vacation photos from the most beautiful country in the world. :)

Decades ago, at the time when Makarska Riviera wasn't so well recognized as a famous summer destination worldwide, and the only marketing was "word of mouth", seagulls' romantic actions played an important role in spreading the word about this destination. Furthermore, some of the most interesting stories about Makarska are somehow connected with romanticists who labeled this place as a haven of love, passion and never-ending friendships, telling stories and sharing their experiences about this pearl of the Mediterranean coast.

Love locks at St Peter's peninsula in Makarska, Croatia are a way to forever remember summer love
Love locks are another way of expressing love when vacationing in Makarska

Apart from this monument, there's another place dedicated to love, adventurers and romantic couples. Located on the peninsula of St. Peter, inspired by the world famous attractions such as Butchers' Bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia or Ponte Milvio in Rome, Italy, Makarska's love locks have further solidified the vision of this town as a perfect destination for weddings and getaways for two.

Forget about Paris, there's a better place to become someone's fianceé: watching the spectacular sunset at the Saint Peter's love locks!

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