Safe stay in Makarska Riviera? Check out "Safe Stay in Croatia" certified accommodation

For now, more than 450 accommodation objects (and counting...) in Makarska Riviera are certified by "Safe Stay in Croatia" label


The WTTC created the Safe travel label in 2020 to assist travelers in identifying destinations and companies worldwide that have adopted global health and hygiene standards. Croatia has been displaying this label since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. We suggest that you follow the national Safe stay in Croatia label during your trip to Makarska Riviera, which guarantees that your hosts have done everything for your health safety and a pleasant stay.

On the official SafeStay in Croatia website you can search for accommodation (hotels, camps, and private accommodation), but also other attractions and activities, such as Swimming pools and aquaparks, Gastro & Eno tasting venues, restaurants, and bars.

This label confirms that tourism workers have put the safety and health of guests first, thus enabling them to enjoy the tourist offer safely. The prescribed protocols of this national project, which arouses great interest and approval among business partners and guests, cover all participants in the creation and realization of a tourist product - from entry to traffic, services of travel agencies, accommodation, and catering facilities, and those in coastal areas.

Makarska Riviera is surrounded by many natural beauties, beaches, and forests that allow you to enjoy various activities. We would especially mention the mountain Biokovo, which, in addition to fresh air and beautiful viewpoints, also offers a new attraction that you want to visit. It is a spectacular lookout - Biokovo Skywalk. How to get to Skywalk and what to look out for, read this article.

Skywalk photos: Matko Begovic

Makarska Riviera offers many other outdoor activities - find your favorite. We have selected some that we are sure you will enjoy: bird watching, hiking, and water sports .. Check out our Activities in Makarska Riviera section - click here!