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Dangerous and wonderful, Magistrala

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Road trip along magistrala road near Podgora in Croatia with views of sea and beach
Magistrala offers some of the most spectacular views of Adriatic coast
When in need of a good #roadtrip , there's no better place to indulge yourself but the Adriatic Highway! Often called Jadranska Magistrala, or simply Magistrala, this road is a heaven for all „driving-around-and-enjoying-the-view“ freaks.

The road is a part of the European E65 road, which connects Malmö in Sweden with Chania in Greece, and some 500+ kilometers of this European road runs down the amazing Croatian coastline.

Wherever you decide to hop on the Adriatic highway, you'll make a great choice: the road is #amazing all the way! A thousand #islands and the perfect shade of blue sea on one side, #mountains raising above it on the other side,... this road is a dream come true for any lover of curves and stretches!

Make sure you pay special attention to Makarska Riviera's part of this road, you're in for a real treat. From the mountain saddle Dubci, down to Gradac, around 60 kilometers of perfection awaits for you to explore it!

Jadranska magistrala was built in 50's and 60's and connects all major Croatian coastal city centers, from Rijeka, Zadar, Split, Makarska, Dubrovnik all along to the border of Montenegro.

This route is very attractive to all travelers, especially those who like to camp (Robinson tourism fans especially), but keep in mind that it is not advisable to park your van anywhere. If you are an adventurer, and want to enjoy this type of vacation, we suggest you visit this page. will will provide all information about camping along the Adriatic highway. In particular, on the Makarska Riviera, we can suggest you to visit Camp Dole. This camp, located in the village of Zivogosce, is the perfect choice for travelers who are looking for an unique camping experience.

Pristine beaches along Makarska Riviera in Croatia with tiny pebbles and clear Adriatic sea
Pristine beaches can be found everywhere along Makarska Riviera

What to do in Zivogosce? As in other places on the Makarska Riviera, you can taste the traditional Dalmatian cuisine, explore local vineyards, lavender fields and olive and orange groves. Climb mount Biokovo, rent a fishing boat, visit countless monuments and archaeological sites around Makarska Riviera or book a day trip to see pirate