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Photo Safari: Morning swim in Makarska

To help you decide on why to travel to Makarska, here's a small photo gallery. As you already know, Makarska Riviera is all about the beaches and relaxation but morning views are our favorite.

Some scenes can be photographed only in the morning. One of them is the departure of excursion boats, which slowly and peacefully leave the port of Makarska.

We believe that you recognize some of these ships. If you haven’t already, ask the sailors about their excursions. Some of these excursions are unforgettable experiences, and you have the opportunity to visit the nearby islands.

Locals' favorite morning swim is the one at the small beach on the Osejava peninsula. There is peace and quiet, especially in the morning. If you decide to take a morning swim here, please respect their space and serenity.

Near the beach, there's the Hotel Osejava, and there is a tried and tested good coffee. But also cakes! The view from the terrace of Osejava's caffé bar is truly phenomenal.

After seeing these pictures, we bet you want to know more about Makarska! Use your smartphone and download our free mobile app! All in Makarska Riviera is a free mobile guide designed by locals. This mobile guide isn't a static application, we're refreshing its content on a daily basis just to make sure you wont' miss something important. Venues of cultural or sport events, concerts and festival's timetables are uploaded as soon as we got all the info about it. You can use it in different ways, but the best way is just to download it and decide for yourself. If you don't find it helpful, you can easily uninstall it, but our recommendation is to keep it on your smartphone while you're staying on the Makarska Riviera. This app is free for every Android and iOS users, and doesn't charge any fees.

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