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Natural wonders of Brela - what not to miss!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Visiting beautiful beaches in Brela is number one on to do list in Makarska Riviera, you would never visit Paris without going to the Eiffel tower, would you?

Even though there are many beaches in Brela, each more beautiful than other, two of them definiteley stand out: beach Punta Rata and Podrace.

Croatian beach Podrace in Brela, Makarska Riviera
Podrace beach
In 2015, Podrace beach made it to the list of the 15 most beautiful and desirable holiday destinations by the European Best Destinations, along with amazing Navagio beach, coast of Zakynthos, Greece and Praia de Miramar, Portugal.

We have to mention that Podrace beach is not the only Croatian beach on the list. Worldwide known Zlatni rat beach, on the island Brac, only 45 minutes of boat ride away from Makarska Riviera was placed on the high 3rd place.

But that was not the only time European Best Destinations mentioned Podrace beach.

-'Podrace beach is ranked by travelers from around the world as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe'.Best beaches in Croatia.

This turquoise blue bay with small white stone pebbles is the most photographed beach in Brela. Instagrammers are obsessed with it. It's hard not to fall in love with it, and even harder not to click that little hearth button on your phone. Hashtag #podracebeach is not as popular as hashtag #brela. You will find much more inspiration under #brela or #brelabeach.

If you are not staying in Brela, but would love to take a swim at this beach, there are many ways to get there, some cheap, some bit expensive and some of them are totally free! Makarska is only 20 minutes away from Berla, not a long drive. Taxi rides are easiest way to get there, but if you are on a budget we suggest hop on a bus from Makarska bus station, or from any other place along the Riviera. Ticket is around 30 kuna from Makarska to Brela - 4 euros per person. But you have to be aware that the bus will leave you little outside of Brela, on the official highway (Magistrala), and you will have to walk downhill to get to the center of Brela. Thus the difference in price range.

Other options are renting a car, scooter, bike and a boat.

Little advice, if you are bike enthusiast and in strong physical shape, try riding a bike from Makarska to Brela, but along the coast near the beaches. It is amazing experience, not to mention much safer (Magistrala highway has a bad reputation as one of the most dangerous highways in Croatia). You will pass beautiful Krvavica, Bratuš, Promajna and Baška Voda, visiting almost half of Makarska Riviera in a single day.

No matter what option you choose, make sure to download our free app "Makarska Riviera All in". "Transport" section will help you decide on how to get there. Rent a car, bike, boat, or call a taxi directly through the app. There are bus timetables and bus stations from any location in the Makarska Riviera too. Android users can use this link, and iOS users click here.

In year 1964., west part of Brela along with Punta Rata beach was declared to be protected area, specifically significant landscape that has features of the forest area under the Aleppo pine and typical Makarska Riviera's pebble beaches. Most of the protected area is covered by pine trees, but also myrtle, olives and other Mediterranean herbs. Aleppo pine withstands drought, high temperatures and salt. Due to its ability to grow from bare stone and due to its resistance to salt, it is an ideal shade producer along the coast. Not only does it smell good, it also has a refreshing and beneficial effect on the human psyche and other antiseptic properties. No wonder people from all around the Europe often visit Makarska Riviera for its therapeutic properties, especially for their respiratory problems.

Kamen Brela - the simbol of Brela is located on the most popular beach in Brela - Punta Rata
The most popular stone in Brela - Kamen Brela - near Makarska
Brela stone is probably the most photographed place
Podrace beach is among the top 10 most beautiful European beaches
Podrace beach is among the most beautiful European beaches
Brela Is The Secret European Beach Retreat You've Been Dreaming About' - the Huffington post

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