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Makarska, the city of jazz music.

Richard Bona, one of the most influential jazz bassists in the world, is coming to Makarska in August. This American, with Cameroonian roots, is known for his distinctive style of bass guitar playing and has influenced many musicians. Throughout his long career, he has collaborated with hundreds of jazz musicians since his innovative playing techniques changed the world of bass guitar playing.

Richard Bona Makarska
Richard Bona, Makarska 21.08.2022

The Makarska Jazz Festival, recognized as an inevitable place for every jazz and pop-rock music lover, is a traditional musical event that takes place at the end of August in Makarska. Find out more about this festival here.

Even though it is only for a few days, Makarska really becomes a place of good music and enjoyment of performances by world-renowned instrumentalists. This year, the festival will be held at a different location (until now, the main stage was set up on the central square), and you can get tickets at this link. The location of this year's festival is a historical monument to the Revolution at Glavica hill, right above the ferry stop in Makarska center.

Makarska Jazz Festival 2022 Location
Makarska Jazz Festival 2022 Location

Bona is a singer/songwriter, bass player, composer, bandleader, and digital and analog engineer/producer with a singular artistic vision. Behind these achievements lies a storybook life. Born in the village of Minta in 1967, Bona was a baby who cried all the time, and the family soon discovered that the one thing that calmed him was music. By the age of five he was playing the balafon (a wooden-slatted melodic percussion instrument) in his grandfather’s traditional music band. At eleven, his family moved to the capital city, Douala, where he became an in-demand dance band guitarist before discovering and quickly mastering the