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Makarska, Embraced by Nature

The City of Makarska, an administrative center and the hearth of Makarska Riviera is a well known tourist destination famous for its beaches, cultural heritage and hospitality.

Embraced by peninsulas of Saint Peter and Osejava on the shore and a mighty Biokovo mountain on the back, Makarska is a favorite resort for travelers from all around the globe. Because of its beauty and enviable location, Makarska attracted curious adventurers, explorers and chance guests even before the tourism as we know it existed.

When talking about natural beauty, you've probably already heard of Nugal beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe which is located on the Osejava peninsula, half way between Tucepi and Makarska. Here's a walking route you'll love to take, or use our mobile guide to get there.

But, anywhere you get to the shore, you'll probably find a beach you'll be amazed of, so dare to explore. If you follow our instructions, the fun is guaranteed! On the other side, sports enthusiasts, cyclists and hikers can enjoy hundreds of mountain trails.

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