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A cake that is a matter of prestige

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Makarana cake is one of the most famous dishes of the Makarska gastronomic tradition. This cake, with recipe several hundred years old, was reserved for people of aristocrats' houses, and how could it not be when the cake is rich with all sorts of ingredients. Delicate aroma of almonds will certainly not leave anyone indifferent.

Today, everyone can enjoy it. #makarana is an essential detail at local weddings and celebrations. No ceremony is complete without it. Unlike other cakes, Makarana is cut into rhomboids and each piece represents a delicious energy bomb.

Every year there is a competition in making the cake. So many people visit this event because for the best cake maker there is prize and pride, but for the rest of us there is free cake. And a lot of it. Yaay!

The main ingredients in the filling are almonds, sugar and eggs, then add a variety of flavors which are the secret of every housewife. :)

Here's the recipe:

for the dough: • 150 g rough flour • 150 g smooth flour • 20 g icing sugar • 1 teaspoon salt • 150 g butter (cubed) • 1 egg • 20 ml maraschino

for the filling: • 650 g almonds • 10 eggs • 650 g sugar • 30 g clarified butter • 1 orange • 1 lemon • 6 ml vanilla flavor; • 60 ml maraschino

Makarana cake is a symbol of good cuisine in Makarska, Croatia
Beautiful photo by Nede Bušelic - award winner in creating the best Makarana cake!

If you're not skilled in the kitchen, and maybe fancy a bite of Makarana cake with the view of the sea, then we highly recommend you check out the Makarska Riviera free mobile app - all the best restaurants are listed, and many of them offer Makarana cake for dessert! Click to download the IOS or Android version of the app.

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