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City of Comics - MaFest

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

MaFest, Makarska's International Comics Festival is an event every comic book fan should visit. Every year, at the end of May, this festival brings together great authors and comic book lovers. During its existence, MaFest has brought more than 15,000 visitors to Makarska and some of them became regular visitors, coming back to Makarska every year.

The energy and the enthusiasm comic book fans and artists create while socializing and discussing in relaxing atmosphere (Rooster Pub) is the highlight of this festival, first time held in 2006. Another part of MaFest include exhibitions of original drawings, numerous forums and comic signing events, as well as a comic book exchange and concerts.

The first part of the festival, usually held weeks before the main event, is dedicated to primary school children from the Makarska Riviera, who have the opportunity to show their artistic skills in drawing and writing a comic books.

Croatian MaFest is kid friendly event and children can enter a comic book making & drawing competition every year in Makarska
The winners of 2019 MaFest drawing competition
Festival's posters in which some of the most famous comic books heroes appeared in Makarska are true works of art that helped in branding Makarska as a City of Comics (Croatian: 'Grad stripa').

During the day, all comic book authors and fans are relaxing in the comic book scenery of the Makarska's harbor, drinking coffee, beers, and in the evenings the things gets more rock 'n' roll. As far as the music part of the festival goes, visitors are able to attend rock concerts in the evening. For those MaFest visitors who want to learn more and boost their writing, drawing and coloring skills, there is a great number of panels that discuss different aspects of comic books.

Aside from helping in creation of the city's cultural identity and branding the City of Makarska as a City of Comics, MaFest's organizers are helping the community in another way too. Every year, there is an auction offering original artwork (graciously donated by the special guest stars and other authors) and the collected money is donated to humanitarian causes.

Can you recognize the places used as a scene for these posters?

To find out more about Makarska's comic book festival, visit the MaFest official web site.

Say hello and follow the MaFest facebook page, too! Other events, events' calendar and more information can be found here, but also in our mobile app.

Rooster Pub in Makarska hosts MaFest comic book festival in Makarska, Croatia
Rooster Pub in Makarska is a gracious host to MaFest every year

If you're interested in visiting Makarska Riviera during the festival's dates, and want to save your money on accommodation, don't miss our accommodation section. For gastronomic experiences, there's our food guide. It would be a shame not to visit the most important top sights and activities you can enjoy while staying in the Makarska Riviera, so make sure to check those underlined links.

Photos: and Makarska Riviera Drawings and posters are the intellectual property of the authors and no copy or reproduction is permitted.

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