Lost City of Pelegrin - The Atlantis of Makarska Riviera

Updated: May 22, 2020

Everybody knows the story of Atlantis, legendary sunken city from Plato's works Timaeus and Critias. But did you know that Atlantis is not the only city lost to the sea?

Is it possible that there's an ancient city at the bottom of Vruja bay?

In Brela, the city on the edge of Makarska Riviera you can hear another thrilling story of the sunken city. The story of the legendary Pelegrin.

The popular Brela stone seems to be the only leftover of Pelegrin

As with every story told over the unknown number of generations, information is hard to find and versions differ. But here we pieced out the legend from many sources to give you the best version possible. Buckle up, we're taking you for a ride.

Makarska Riviera's Myths and legends will survive

Pelegrin was a big and prosperous city, and its citizens lived happy and long lives.The city laid on a large area, stretching from todays' Basko Polje to Vruja under Dubci and into the sea half way to island Brac. It was a place of great culture and vast riches.

But citizens of Pelegrin grew arrogant, thinking they were better than everybody else and untouchable to gods. So gods punished the citizens, and, as the leged says, the city of Pelegrin was cursed and sunk under the steep cliffs of Dubci.

This story was told from generation to generation all over Makarska Riviera and many tried to find the riches of the once great city, but none were able to, as it was not sunken naturally but by the curse. The legend says that the city of Pelegrin has just one chance to get rid of the terrible destiny that struck it a long time ago.

Many tried to find the riches of the once great city of the Makarska Riviera

Every year on Christmas, one second after midnight, from the depths of Vruja emerges a carriage on the waves. The carriage is pulled by two magnificent white horses and carries a prince and a princess. Prince and princess have lost control of the carriage and will soon return to the dark depths of the midnight sea. To save them, a brave hero must wait on the rock by the sea and (at a precise moment) jump on the two white horse, grab them by their reins and give the reins to the prince and princess. The prince and princess will regain control of the carriage and won't go underwater once again. In that moment, the city of Pelegrin will emerge from the water and shine again in all its glory, as the curse will be broken and city restored.

Could you save the sunken city of Pelegrin?

The story of the legendary sunken city of Pelegrin continues to capture imagination of countless children across Makarska Riviera. Nearby cape in Brela is named after it, along with popular hotel Pelegrin.

So if you need yet another reason to spend your Christmas on Makarska Riviera, maybe, just maybe, you are the one to save the ancient city of Pelegrin.

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