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Krafting - Makarska Craft Festival

Updated: Apr 14, 2020


Krafting festival is held in June Duration: 3-4 days Working hours: noon - 3 am Location: Makarska, fra Jure Radic park

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As the name implies, this is a craft festival. In most languages, the letter C sounds sounds like the voice [k'] so this festival's name should be read as "Crafting", which means "the activity or hobby of making decorative articles by hand." If alcoholic beverages are "decorative articles", we agree!
Krafting's mascot resembes Toma Bebic
Krafting's mascot resembes Toma Bebic

Don't take us so seriously, it's in our blood to make a fun of our own language, but it's true: the real meaning of Krafting festival is "Crafting", the activity or hobby of making decorative articles by hand. Krafting, as well as the Šumoteka and the Christmas Town festival, is taking place in the fra Jure Radic park, located on the south side of the Makarska's harbor. Conceived as a festival of craft arts, drinks and delicacy, this festival is, in its nature, a 3 days long exhibition of homemade prosciutto, cheese, slow food and, of course, beer!

Over 20 craft beer breweries from all around the world are competing in winning the Makarska Riviera audience's hearts and throats.

At night, music concerts are held on Krafting Festival in Makarska
NIghtime is reserved for music concerts

Apart from the carefully selected beers, this festival offers a wide selection of other distillates such as gins and its younger fancy sister, Her Majesty of Gin Tonic the cocktail. Specially decorated for this event, the fra Jure Radic park attracts visitors of all ages, offering the relaxed atmosphere in the shade of pines and a great music DJ sets during the day.

In the evening, this location gets a slightly different scene dock becoming a live music stage!

Popular musicians entertain the visitors all night long, but since there's no after party, the good idea is to go to the beach for the morning swim. If you've ever been to Makarska, you are aware of the importance of the morning swims after a wild night. Keep in mind, if you drank too much, the best option is to call a taxi and go to bed. Anyway, make sure to have our mobile guide installed on your smartphone, it's the easiest and safest way to get in touch with the taxi services. If you miss it, don't worry; there's a taxi station near the event's location.

Krafting's bar serves craft gin and beer by the sea in Makarska
Krafting's craft gin bar

You can enjoy this festival all day, depending on when you get up. Krafting usually starts at noon and this is also a great place for a morning coffee since this festival offers a top rated craft coffee, sweets and juices too. There are no rules, you can also drink a beer at noon. Just sayin'.

Our team was engaged to create the Festival's name, visual identity, logo and posters but also the promo videos and a website. Hope you like it! We cooperated with our dear friend and a great artist, Ivana Radic who helped us in visuals and drawings. The idea was to create a character that is a friendly face, but also a representative of Dalmatian's style and appearance. For a mascot, we chose a sailor, tireless worker who has a some free time on his hands and wants to relax. We think that we hit the point by choosing Toma Bebic, evergreen Dalmatian artist for a role model.

Filming the Krafting's debut promo video with Mladen Badovinac, a singer of the T.B.F. (a Croatian hip hop band), was a real pleasure! It was made at the Tap B brewery in Split, whom we would like to thank for their hospitality. We got out on our two feet, but dazed. Blame the waiters and the owner of this local brewery.

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