How to travel to Croatia during a pandemic? Latest information.

The Croatian National Tourist Board has published special instructions for all those who want to come on holiday to Croatia. Croatia awaits you, ready for a safe and relaxing holiday! With current travel restrictions in place, your health and safety is of utmost importance to us. These are the most important details: Source and more info:

Travel requires all visitors to comply with current health and safety guidelines. Please ensure that you review the current travel measures, as well as guidelines in effect both nationally and regionally.

Certain epidemiological measures have been introduced for some Croatian counties, while more information can be found on the official GovernmentCovid-19:

The Croatian Tourism Association (HUT) has created a useful interactive map with marked active Covid-19 cases that may be found here.

Enter Croatia

The EnterCroatia online form allows visitors to enter all the necessary information and data prior to travelling to Croatia to ease border crossing upon entry. All travellers are advised to fill out the form before arrival. More about the exceptions and the possibilities of entering the country may be found here.

EnterCroatia may be accessed here:

The online form includes the same data requests that would normally be provided at border control along with the simple presentation of a passport or identity document to a police officer at the border, the number or code from the identity card or passport is automatically linked to all pre-entered data so that the entire procedure of data entry at the border for each individual person in any given vehicle is reduced to a minimum and traffic flow is increased.

All visitors who fill out the online form will receive email instructions that will include epidemiological guidelines and information on the measures that are currently in place for visitors to Croatia.

The page is available in eleven languages including English, Croatian, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Slovenian, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak and Czech.

Please note that for organized travel via bus, the forms can be filled out in advance by the agency organizing the travel, whereas individuals traveling on regularly scheduled bus routes are required to complete the form individually.

The form is also available in a mobile-responsive format that may be accessed via the same link and completed on a mobile device. Should there be any issues or questions with regard to the form, please contact:

Negative Covid test required for entry?

Yes. A decision temporarily prohibiting, i.e. restricting the crossing of persons across all border crossing points of the Republic of Croatia till May 15th is currently in force. More about the exceptions and the possibilities of entering the country may be found here.

Public transportation Public transportation is readily available throughout Croatia. For schedules and information on reinstated routes it is best to check with the local bus stations. Contact information for major stations may be found here.

Croatian domestic rail service is also available. Routes, timetables and availability may be found here.

Meanwhile, organized international bus service (charter and regular bus lines), as well as rail service, are now increasing in availability with many routes being reinstated from mid-June. For ease of travel please see the EnterCroatia information and ensure you or the agency you are travelling with has filled out your details in advance to ensure a quick and efficient border crossing. Contact information for major stations may be found here.

For all forms of public transportation, effective June 25th 2020 passengers are required to where face masks.

With the provision that came into force on November 28th, 2020, public transport can be filled to a maximum of 40% of the total capacity, and passengers and the driver are required to wear a protective mask in the correct manner. Further information may be found here. (Currently only in Croatian.)

Healthcare insurance

If you are an EU, EEA, UK or Swiss national and are covered by your country’s national health insurance provider, your coverage will cover any Covid-related services should they be required in Croatia just as they would be in their home country. Please take the time to check the validity of your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and/or have a new one issued prior to your trip. Or alternatively have a Certificate issued by your national health care provider. Nationals of countries with which Croatia has a bilateral agreement (such as Bosnia & Hercegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, N. Macedonia and Turkey) are entitled to coverage by way of certificate as determined between national healthcare providers, which must be requested prior to travel to Croatia. Nationals of other countries should check their health insurance coverage prior to travel to ensure they are covered in case of emergency health services that include any Covid-related health issues or purchase adequate travel insurance that provides Covid-related coverage.

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