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How expensive is Makarska Riviera?

Travelling around a world has enormous benefit for our mental health, but also heavy weight on our savings. That is way we always prepare, explore and decide, how much money we want to spend on our next holiday.

Croatia and its part Makarska Riviera abounds with natural beauties and wonders, miles long beaches, huge cultural heritage, many restaurants with amazing food, villas with heated pools... but how much expensive Makarska Riviera really is?

1. TRANSPORT - Lets first start with getting here!

The price of the flight depends on the distance from Croatia and the airline you choose, but the only way to get to Makarska Riviera from airport is with car, bus or taxi. The nearest airport is Split airport in Kaštela, near second largest city in Croatia, Split. The distance is one and a half hour. If you decide to take a bus it will cost you around 50 kunas cca. 7 €, but you need to first get to Split train station. Prices for car rents depend on each car rent agency, but it is good to know there are car rent agencies in Makarska Riviera as well, if you decide to do exploring on your own. Few taxi service in Makarska also offer pick up and drive to the airport. You can contact them directly from our free mobile app Makarska Riviera all in and check for prices.

This app is free for every Android and iOS users.

If your landing airport is in our main city Zagreb, you can get to Makarska by highway A1 to the exit Šestanovac - 415 km, 4 hours, cca 200 kn = 27 euros for toll road. Bus ticket would cost you around 50 euros (both ways)

It is able to easy calculate cost to get to Makarska Riviera, once you decide your best way of transportation.

Transportation within Makarska Riviera is easy, there are buses and taxes driving all day, every hour. Depending on distance bus would cost you around 30 kn = 4 € per person.

2. ACCOMMODATION - choosing the best suited accommodation!

Prices for accommodation depend on number of days, people and type of accommodation. Makarska Riviera offers staying at the hotels, resorts and hostels or private accommodation, such as rooms, apartment or whole house such as villas. Price of the accommodation is inversely proportional to the distance from the beach. The closer accommodation to the beach, the higher the price.

For example, 2 adult couple planning to stay in Makarska Riviera (Tucepi) during summer peak in August for 7 nights. Such cost for staying at the hotel (bed and breakfast) would be around 10,000 kn = 1330 € (including taxes and fees).

Double bed room in Baska Voda, 300 meters from the beach, would cost around 3000,00 kn (for 7 nights) that is approximate 400€ (including taxes and fees).

Apartment with 1 bedroom in center of Makarska (old town, for 7 nights), 600 meters from the beach, would cost you around 5500 kn = 730€

Please notice , these prices are currently on the market during COVID - 19, so changes can appear!

But If you try little harder you can find much cheaper accommodation. Remember, Makarska and other places in Makarska Riviera are pretty small, and that means max 10 to 15 minutes walk from the accommodation to the beach is consider far. But is it really?

If you don't mind walking to the beach, remember to check google maps and distance from center of town, beach, etc.

But if you do mind walking, you can always take your car, consider you don't mind looking for parking space for 30 minutes.

Parking space or lack of it is big problem in all the Makarska Riviera, so prices for parking are pretty high.

In the center of Makarska, on water front, for 1 hour of parking space you will pay 20 kn cca 3€.

Spending 7 days at the Rustic Villa Nina from the photos, located in small village Gornje Tucepi, with 5 bedrooms, pool and other facilities - around 30 000 kn = 4000€

3. ACTIVITIES - Food prices in Makarska Riviera depend on the place you are dining, having cup of coffee or desert, but since whole Makarska Riviera is one big touristic place it is not that worth to pay few kn less for coffee in residential area, rather than beautiful beach bar with amazing view.

  • Ice cream - 10-15 kn = 1,30- 2€ (on the beach)

  • Pancakes - 15 kn = 2€

  • Pasta Dish - 80-100 kn = 10 - 13€

  • Coffee - 10- 15 kn = 1,30-2€

  • Soft Drinks - 15 - 25 kn = 2-3.50€

  • Cake - 15 - 25 kn = 2-3,50€

The most juicy part of meat, beefsteak, at the respectable restaurant would cost you around 190 kn = 25 €

Tipping is optional and depends on the person tipping, but usually we round up the bill, except in restaurants where tipping depends on total bill.

Daily ticket price for Nature Park Biokovo is 50 kn = 7€ per person, for Malacological Museum is 30 kn = 4€.

Daily panoramic trip to the Biokovo Nature Park including ticket to the park, hot beverage and a cake = 350 kn (cca 50€) per person.

Entrance to all beaches in the Makarska Riviera is free of charge.

Credit cards are not accepted everywhere, so make sure to have some cash with you.

So this is our money guide for travelling to Makarska Riviera, hope it will help you have a better idea of what to expect and how much to budget for your trip.

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