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Hotel Park Makarska - breathtaking views and more

It may sound pretentious, but the Hotel Park Makarska's location offers the most beautiful view of Makarska's central beach. This hotel is located right on the promenade, a few steps from the most attractive Makarska beach. The hotel is small in capacity, but the rooms and the entire interior of Hotel Park Makarska exude spaciousness and luxury.


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Hotel Park Makarska balcony view
Hotel Park Makarska balcony view

The pleasant and comfortable interiors of rooms are filled up with the most recent technical achievements to meet the needs of their guests to the maximum level. You can choose rooms overlooking the Adriatic sea or the ones with an almost mountain-like atmosphere overlooking the impressive mountain range of Biokovo.

Makarska at your fingertips

The Hotel Park's open pool and cute outdoor cocktail bar offer you everything you need to relax and sunbathe, but when you want a dash of a crystal clear sea - you can go down to the pebble beach in the blink of an eye. It's nice when everything is at your fingertips.

Near the hotel you can find a lot of summer joys: rent a boat or pedal boat, and in addition to other water sports (we definitely recommend parasailing), there is also a water park for children, restaurants, cafes...

The center of Makarska, the old town center, and the main square are only a 10-minute walk away from the Hotel. The entire Makarska Riviera is an attractive and interesting travel destination for guests from all over the world, especially for the Makarska city. Read more about Makarska and the interesting things this coastal town has to offer here.


Spa & Wellness Centre in Hotel Park

Another additional benefit for all hotel guests is the wellness center. At the beauty and Spa center, you can enjoy a variety of services, personalized to your needs. Here, you can spoil yourself with a rejuvenating body & face treatment, or just relax; or let off some steam in the lush sauna. The most luxury and decadent ritual Spa treatments are custom designed by YesToBeauty.

The small but functional gym has everything you need to keep fit, even during your vacation. There are also saunas, massages, face and body treatments, and a relaxation area.


Trips and excursions from Makarska

We have already mentioned some of the summer joys that you can enjoy with your friends or family, and when you feel the need to explore, be sure to consult the friendly reception staff for more information. These are some of the activities we can recommend, whether they are located near the Hotel, or you can book them directly from your cozy bedroom.

Biokovo Skywalk

Biokovo has been known as a tourist attraction for decades, and the part of this mountain that belongs to the protected Nature Park is an important part of all hiking and walking routes, new attraction in the area of Ravna Vlaška is another reason for visiting this mighty mountain. Biokovo Skywalk viewpoint was officially opened in July 2020, and pretty soon became a favorite spot for all tourists, but also locals.

Yes, you can visit Biokovo in your own arrangement. The purchase of tickets is ensured through the online system. Please note that Biokovo is a serious mountain and you should never embark on this adventure alone, even if you are an experienced mountaineer. Read more about tips, safety, and important information in this article. All wildlife on Biokovo is protected. Note the sign at the entrance to the Park: "Take only photos, leave only footprints". Obey this rule, please. Nature is our greatest gift, and we would like to preserve it for future generations.

For this excursion, hotel guests hire some of the agencies that offer different arrangements, and the most popular is the Makarska agency Tip Extreme. Aside from the Skywalk excursions, other arrangements like mountain walks and zip line adventures are also very popular.

Islands Brač and Hvar

There is no better feeling than the summer breeze in your hair and the salty smell of the Adriatic sea. Don't miss trips to the nearby islands, dozens of excursion boats offer nice arrangements departing from Makarska. Some of the most popular boats are: Voga, Viganj, Makarski Jadran, Calypso, Vruja... We had the opportunity to sail with one of them, so read more about our little excursion in this article.

In addition to excursion boats that offer organized excursions, you can also visit the islands by ferry. The Makarska ferry port is less than 2 kilometers away from the Park Hotel, and timetables and other information can be found on the Jadrolinija official website.

Makarska semi submarine
With this vessel, you will not visit the islands, but you will have the opportunity to get to know the Makarska coast and underwater. Photo: Boris Luetic

These are just some of the attractions that are available in the immediate vicinity. For example, Kotišina botanical garden and its surroundings are also must-see locations. The Makarska Malakological Museum (shellfish museum), walking tours with experienced guides through the old town center, musical events, clubbing, and cultural heritage - all this is within reach.

Makarska Riviera is interesting and beautiful in many ways, we believe that here you will find your piece of paradise, and If you like what we've shown you, maybe it's time to think about your next vacation in Makarska.


Regardless of whether you are in the habit of booking accommodations through some of the popular booking channels, Hotel Park offers very good prices and excellent service. However, our advice is to book directly. This is the official website of the Hotel, but don't forget to check out their social network profiles as well. Maybe right there you will come across an action or benefit that will suit you.

Instagram: Hotel Park Makarska Instagram

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Phone: +385 99 31 33 101 (whatsapp and viber)


Source: Hotel Park Makarska, All in Makarska Riviera Photos: Boris Luetic / Hotel Park archive / Skywalk: M. Begovic


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