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How to Visit Greece and Croatia on one vacation?

What a trip! Travelers across Europe can now travel between the two Mediterranean countries faster and easier. Discover Greece and Croatia on one vacation? Yes!

Source: Croatian Aviation

Aegean Airlines has announced its return to Croatian airports next spring!

Since the beginning of flights between Greece and Croatia, this airline has recorded a constant increase in the number of passengers, and according to its announcements for the spring - their predictions look pretty positive. Before the outbreak of the global pandemic, they planned to operate to Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik, but all flights were canceled in April.

Greek national airline launched the Split route (60 kilometers from Makarska) in 2016. and has been systematically increasing its capacity ever since. For example, in the summer of 2018, this line had four flights a week, while in the summer of 2019, a fifth flight was added.

24.000 seats on sale in the summer of 2021

What exactly does this mean for the Makarska Riviera and Croatian tourism?

We do not see Greeks often on the Makarska Riviera, but there are a large number of travelers who want to visit more countries in a shorter time. Of course, here it comes to passengers of a higher budget, but it should not be ignored that it is often more economical to travel by air than by land. Young Scandinavians, Americans, and Australians use fast transit between European airports. Even backpackers, who at first glance look like lower-budget passengers, use the various benefits of airlines to visit as many destinations as possible in the short term.

Old photo of Jadranska magistrala road, Makarska Riviera
Jadranska magistrala, the most important road in Central Dalmatia, connecting Split airport and Makarska Riviera in one hour drive

With the increase of flights to, and from Croatia, the transit of various passengers is increasing wherewith the possibilities of discovering all destinations are becoming easier. Split Airport is less than a two-hour drive from Makarska and connected with two roads: the old Adriatic road and the new highway. Find out more about beautiful Jadranska magistrala and read some interesting stories and legends about this legendary road.

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Bookmark Ageon Airlines website to stay informed about the news if you plan to include Greece and Croatia in your vacation next summer.

Another web you should bookmark is Split airport website


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See you in Makarska Riviera!

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