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Are you a meat lover? This is for you!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

When in Restaurant Ranc, we almost never got the urge to order something other than a juicy steak. We believe #steak is their number one meal.

Restaurant is located in Gornje Tucepi in a big olive grove. The beauty of exterior competes with delicious food.

Here is little review of our last visit.

The steak was a perfect medium-rare and tender, the added pepper sauce made it even more juicy. One thing that really satisfied us were homemade #potatoes. They were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and the taste was amazing! Another thing we'd like to mention when it comes to steak: blood should not be included in this dish. The steak can be raw, even red, if you like it that way, but only small amount of blood is tolerated to squirt out when you cut it. Some people like to call it "a bloody steak", but this is not the right approach when preparing this delicacy. Restaurant Ranc in Tucepi did it in a right way, the steak was medium-rare and no blood squirted out when we cut it.

Mouth-watering steak and chips in Restaurant Ranc in Tucepi near Makarska
Mouth-watering steak and chips in Restaurant Ranc

Another dish we tasted were lamb chops with vegetables. Vegetables were prepared wok-style, gently roasted but soft and delicious! Prepared in that way, lightly stewed in their own sauce, the taste remained preserved and recognizable. No spice dominated the overall taste, but enhanced it with aromatic herbs: this side dish is just what we like.

Lamb chops and vegetables in restaurant Ranc in Tucepi near Makarska in Croatia were delicious
Lamb chops with str-fryed vegetables were an absolute delight

What to say about lamb chops? People often have prejudices about Mediterranean food, and expect seafood to be the restaurant's kitchen specialty, but Restaurant Ranc will show you that is not a rule. Those lamb chops we tasted, in our opinion, are one the greatest meals you can order here. The difference in the preparation of this dish, from for example German and Mediterranean cuisines, is in spices and olive oil. If you ask us, rosemary and the Tucepi's homemade olive oil makes a real difference in the end.

They don't have many choices for the desert, but they are all homemade traditional Dalmatian deserts - such as Rozata (#rozata is a Dalmatian traditional pudding with caramel dressing, kind of like french creme brulee), thin pancakes (#crepes) and 'paradizot' (simple cake with cream and cookies, #paradizot).

paradizot is a traditional Dalmatian dessert made of eggs, milk and biscuits
Paradizot dessert is based on fresh eggs and milk with sweet biscuits whipped into perfection
Rozata cake is traditional delicate delicious Dalmatian cake made of eggs and sugar syrup
Rozata cake is delicate and sweet

For reservations and other offers check out their website!

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