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Everything you should know about Skywalk

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

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Update: April 1 - 2021 Biokovo Nature Park (and the Skywalk viewpoint) is officially open for visitors! If you are staying in the Makarska Riviera during the Easter holidays, this park is a must see! Nature Park's working hours in April: 6:00 - 19:00

Read more information about the epidemiological situation at this link.

The view of the Makarska Riviera is spectacular from every angle. If you look at the Makarska Riviera from the island of Brac, especially when the weather is clear and sunny, you will see a spectacular movie scene - the mighty Biokovo mountain rising directly from the sea. Something like the sunnier, prettier version of The Wall from Game of Thrones. If you swim ten meters from any beach on the Makarska Riviera towards Islands, and look behind you, again - you will be amazed with a view. This nature's masterpiece created by the mountain and the sea, with a thin line of both wild and humanized nature in between, is truly something that every nature lover wants to see. And every photographer. And enthusiast, artist, or instagram influencer...

Sunset view of Makarska Sunset over Biokovo Skywalk
Sunset over Biokovo Skywalk
Although Biokovo has been known as a tourist attraction for decades, and the part of this mountain that belongs to the protected Nature Park is an important part of all hiking and walking routes, new attraction in the area of Ravna Vlaška is another reason for visiting this mountain and Makarska Riviera.

If you are not a professional mountaineer, do not venture into Biokovo on your own. A list of agencies which offer a great mountain experience is posted at the end of this article. Biokovo mountain attracts visitors form all sides of the world. It is the second highest mountain in Croatia, and the highest one on the entire Adriatic coast. There, you will find all types of terrain, from pine tree forests, to meadows, climbing rocks and sharp karst areas with sinkholes, caves and caverns. This is what makes it one of the most beautiful and one of the most dangerous European mountains... Read more about safety and behavior rules here!

Biokovo Skywalk viewpoint was officially opened in July 2020, and pretty soon became a favorite spot for all tourists, but also locals. Look at the pictures and you will understand why. Our fellow citizen and photographer, Matko Begovic took these photos, and they have traveled all over the world. Another thing, Matko Begovic also does personal photography, so i