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Everything you should know about Skywalk

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

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Update: April 1 - 2021 Biokovo Nature Park (and the Skywalk viewpoint) is officially open for visitors! If you are staying in the Makarska Riviera during the Easter holidays, this park is a must see! Nature Park's working hours in April: 6:00 - 19:00

Read more information about the epidemiological situation at this link.

The view of the Makarska Riviera is spectacular from every angle. If you look at the Makarska Riviera from the island of Brac, especially when the weather is clear and sunny, you will see a spectacular movie scene - the mighty Biokovo mountain rising directly from the sea. Something like the sunnier, prettier version of The Wall from Game of Thrones. If you swim ten meters from any beach on the Makarska Riviera towards Islands, and look behind you, again - you will be amazed with a view. This nature's masterpiece created by the mountain and the sea, with a thin line of both wild and humanized nature in between, is truly something that every nature lover wants to see. And every photographer. And enthusiast, artist, or instagram influencer...

Sunset view of Makarska Sunset over Biokovo Skywalk
Sunset over Biokovo Skywalk
Although Biokovo has been known as a tourist attraction for decades, and the part of this mountain that belongs to the protected Nature Park is an important part of all hiking and walking routes, new attraction in the area of Ravna Vlaška is another reason for visiting this mountain and Makarska Riviera.

If you are not a professional mountaineer, do not venture into Biokovo on your own. A list of agencies which offer a great mountain experience is posted at the end of this article. Biokovo mountain attracts visitors form all sides of the world. It is the second highest mountain in Croatia, and the highest one on the entire Adriatic coast. There, you will find all types of terrain, from pine tree forests, to meadows, climbing rocks and sharp karst areas with sinkholes, caves and caverns. This is what makes it one of the most beautiful and one of the most dangerous European mountains... Read more about safety and behavior rules here!

Biokovo Skywalk viewpoint was officially opened in July 2020, and pretty soon became a favorite spot for all tourists, but also locals. Look at the pictures and you will understand why. Our fellow citizen and photographer, Matko Begovic took these photos, and they have traveled all over the world. Another thing, Matko Begovic also does personal photography, so if you want to capture your memories on the Skywalk or elsewhere, make sure to contact him. Follow: Biokovo Skywalk Croatia instagram page and Matko Begovic Photography instagram profile.

Skywalk is a viewing glass platform, which protrudes out 12 meters from the cliff of the mountain. It is located at an altitude of around 1200 meters, but don't be afraid - Skywalk is tested and, although it's built out of glass and seems fragile, it is completely safe and solid.

Don't be afraid

The main security test was performed by the Podgora and Tucepi fire brigades. Using a large amount of water, tests were carried out on the load-bearing capacity of the viewpoint. For safety reasons, only 30 persons are allowed to walk along Biokovo Skywalk at the same time, so equip yourself with patience if you're visiting Biokovo in high season. You'll love this experience: walking on a glass floor, looking straight underneath your feet towards Tucepi village on the coast. In front of you: a view to remember - Makarska on your right, Podgora on your left and all of the islands in front. If you're incredibly lucky, and you're there on a really clear day, you'll maybe also catch a glimpse of the Italian coast across the Adriatic. That's how amazing is the view from there!

We have several ideas about Skywalk

  • a romantic trip for two, to see who is braver <3

  • visit other Biokovo sites too, you won't walk around this viewpoint all day long and Biokovo is pretty spectacular - browse touristic agencies and see which one offers the most

  • if you're into adventurism, rent a scooter or moped and go with your friends, but please be careful, the Biokovo roads are really narrow and dangerous.

Sunset view from Biokovo Skywalk in Makarska
After 13 kilometers of driving, this view is your reward

How to reach Biokovo Skywalk

You should enter Biokovo Nature Park at the gate. Our free mobile guide can guide you there, free download is available here. Main entrance to the Biokovo Nature Park is via Vrgorska cesta, around 8 km from Makarska Center. Google Map is available here. From the entrance, prepare yourself for another 13 km drive to Skywalk. Biokovo road is narrow, be careful and patient.

Entrance fee, how much does it cost?

Visiting Skywalk is free, but you have to enter Biokovo Nature Park which will cost you 50 kn, or around 7€. You don't have to bring a lot of money with you, only a reasonable amount for souvenirs and drinks. According to the information available on the Park Prirode Biokovo official website, every visitor or organizer entering the main entrance to the park must purchase a ticket, present it at the request of officials and to keep it till exiting the park.

Regular 1 person daily ticket price is 50,00 kn - around 7,00€.

Hikers, Croatian war veterans, handicapped persons, cyclists, school children and students (upon prior announcement) can get special 50% discounts. More info here. Children up to 7 years can enter the Park free of charge. Three-day or monthly tickets are available with an additional discount.


Hiker walking on the top of the Biokovo mountain in Makarska Riviera
Photo credit: Tip Extreme

Travel agencies

The best way to go up there is organized trips by travel agencies, here are some of them we checked online:


Tip Extreme Skywalk offers more detailed panoramic tour of the Biokovo mountain, including its new attraction - glass platform Skywalk. With this half day excursion you have an opportunity to meet a new world of Mediterranean beauty, interesting history and unforgettable tradition. There's more: this travel agency offers other excursions around Makarska Riveira and inland too, find out here.


Roses & Grapes The Magic of Biokovo experience is an excursion provided by Roses & Grapes Travel Agency. This tour is a bit different (we dare say: more romantic) than others, including tasting of the local delicacies (wine and cheese) and watching the sunset on the way back. Did we mention their "Mermaid experience (water exercising and swimming for women) excursion"as well? Visit Roses & Grapes Youtube channel, this is a really interesting and refreshing approach in local tourism offer.

Enjoying the meal in the mountains: Olive oil, wine, cheese, prosciutto and homemade bread
Photo credit: Roses & Grapes The Magic of Biokovo

CheapRide Skywalk excursion offers half day trip in comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle. This package including English speaking driver, fuel, all roads with payment, all taxes and VAT can be purchased for 45€. Price does not include: ticket to the nature park


For more active individuals, Budanko Travel offers two Light walking tours: "Dawn on the Top of Biokovo" and "Sunset on the top of Biokovo"! As the names suggest, these are two hiking excursions that differ in departure time. The tours will also present different faces of Biokovo - the morning and the evening ones. At the 'Sunrise' tour, you will reach the top of Biokovo as the sun rises behind the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you choose the 'Sunset' tour, the experience will be completely different. The feeling of pure mountain breeze in your hair and the view of sun setting over the Adriatic sea will create memories that will last you a lifetime. As the night sets over the mountain while you drive down the road, you can get enjoy the twinkling lights of Makarska Riviera villages and hamlets.


There are other agencies that offer such or similar excursions, but until the conclusion of this article - they did not contact us with information. Check out Biokovo Nature Park's list of agencies offering the Skywalk excursions here.


Sport enthusiasts and cyclists

Yes, sure! If you're in great condition, you can ride up there by bicycle. Follow the marked routes and stay hydrated. Make sure your cell phone battery is 100% and notify everyone where are you going. These tips apply to everyone, hikers and walkers too!

Nature & wildlife

All wildlife on Biokovo is protected. Note the sign at the entrance to the Park: "Take only photos, leave only footprints". Obey this rule, please. Nature is our greatest gift, and we would like to preserve it for future generations. You will find all kinds of animals on Biokovo: from the tiniest bugs and lizards, to horses, sheep, snakes, goats, eagles, chamois, and even wolves. Many of them are rare or endangered species, and they are not to be disturbed in any way. The mountain is their home, and you should bear this in mind. Some animals (like horses and donkeys) don't really mind you taking photos of them/with them, but beware - their patience will not last forever.

Take only photos, leave only footprints

If you are having a picnic up there, make sure you pick up the trash after, and under no circumstances are you allowed to build a fire. We had a huge fire there a few years back, and nobody wants to see it happen again. The fines for starting open fires are high, and you should avoid them at any cost.

Ask the rangers at the Park entrance or at Skywalk for more information about the (wild)life on Biokovo. They will be happy to answer.

Good to know

The summer opening hours of the Biokovo Skywalk viewpoint are from 8-20 h, given the weather conditions. The last entrance for the visitors at the reception of the Park is at 19:00 h. Due to traffic, the Park rangers will only allow 25 vehicles every full hour into the Park. If you're not a very skilled driver, we highly recommend you book a tour and save yourself from unnecessary stress. Bring a lot of water and some snacks, and make sure your phone has a full battery for taking those great photos along the way.

Additional info for travelers are available here.