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Everything is Brelative

What to say about Brela that hasn't already been said? This fantastic little town at the western edge of Makarska Riviera is well known to everybody who wants to have a peaceful and relaxing vacation.

The citizens of Brela were hardworking farmers, who produced maraska cherries long before it was cool. Then, nearly a hundred years ago from today, their lives started to change. First hints of tourism started to show in the area. Brela was a tiny village at the time, there was no running water or public lighting back then, but still, the wealthy Europeans found out about this pearl in Makarska Riviera's necklace. And the reason – was nature.

Brela boasts in crystal clear sea, 6 kilometers of pristine beaches, all covered in pine trees. The Punta Rata Beach constantly wins „best beach“ awards, like the time when it rated no.6 at Forbes Magazine „Top 10 most beautiful world beaches“ list. The Vruja bay is a story for itself – a huge natural bay with the largest Mediterranean spring of fresh water coming from under the surface of the sea, and mountain saddle Dubci directly above it that attract Instagrammers and others from all around the world! Read more about natural wonders of Brela - What not to miss

Finding accommodation in Brela should not be a problem, and you can take your pick from basic studio apartments, to private houses, villas or hotels. The hotels in Brela are really spectacular, and offer all kinds of services. If you care not only for comfortable beds and good food, but also about the architecture and history of your hotel, we highly recommend you check out hotels Soline, Maestral and Berulia. Apart from being comfortable in every possible way, these hotels are also monuments to Croatian architecture, culture, heritage, tourism and know-how.

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