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Dalmatia as it once was, but luxurious

Updated: Apr 13, 2020


Location: Gornje Tucepi, Makarska Riviera Capacity: 8-10 people Price range: €€€ Basic features: #tucepi #villa #makarskariviera #kidfriendly #pool


As the title says, Villa Nina is an authentic old dalmatian house, but in a luxury edition. Completely renovated and decorated by the family Covic from Tucepi, this oasis can be both: a peaceful holiday home for your family and a starting point for an adventurous hikes.

Villa Nina Tucepi indoor dining area is big enough for 10 people
A comfortable eating area to enjoy dinner indoors
Renovated in 2019, this old lady is cozy and spacious, rustic and modern at the same time. Carefully selected details, and a combination of newly renovated and modern furniture makes this house really special.
Spacious kitchen at Villa Nina in Tucepi near Makarska, Croatia
Spacious kitchen is fantastically combined with traditional Dalmatian design

Aside from its interior, this house provides an incredible external environment. Everything you can ask for when setting an unforgettable dinner for eight or more people is here, this outdoor kitchen is fully equipped, with grill in the center.

 Villa Nina in Tucepi near Makarska, Croatia has outdoor eating area for family vacation
Outdoor eating and cooking area for dinners under the stars

We are not even halfway through the story, and you want to read this story to the end. Just like its older sister - Villa Silva, this place is perfectly located at the intersection of the mountain routes and the Adriatic highway which leads to the most incredible beaches in Makarska Riviera.

A 5 minutes drive will take to the city of Makarska, which is the historical and cultural center of Makarska Riviera, and 2 more minutes will take you to central Tucepi, a place where, on the shore of the Adriatic sea, the 4 kilometers long beach lies beneath the Biokovo mountain.

Yes, that's right, we wrote this and that's true. The village of Gornje Tucepi is closer to Makarska than to the center of the same village, called Tucepi center. That's because all smaller access roads in the Makarska Riviera are oriented to the city of Makarska. If you want to go to Tucepi center, you have to reach the main road, Adriatic Highway (Jadranska Magistrala) first, and then take direction to the center of Tucepi. For all of you drivers, and visitors, here are some helpful tips on how to move around Makarska Riviera and understand the meanings of adjectives before the names of the villages and towns, such are "Gornje", "Donje" and "Central". To put it simply, these adjectives has similar usage as a difference between "the old town" and "the modern one" areas in big cities. When we say just Tucepi, we think of the coastal part of the village, also called Tucepi center.

Adriatic Highway called Magistrala near Podgora in Croatia
Adriatic Highway is full of fabulous views like this

However, one should know that Tucepi municipality covers an area of over 25 different hamlets, named after families who settled in specific areas. The "old town" is consisted of small hamlets, and the locals use the adjective "gornje" to differentiate it from the coastal part. There is another logical explanation. The word gornje means "upper" which suggest that the place is located above the current location. Old settlements, like Gornje Tucepi or Gornja Brela are usually built and inhabited on the Biokovo mountain that rises high into the sky.

That's right, Makarska Riviera is full of ups and downs, and the contrast of the 1762 m high Biokovo mountain and a zero point beaches is another proof of nature's unpredictability and perfection.

Villa Nina is located in the Covici hamlet (hamlet of the Covic family), in Gornje Tucepi, the "upper area" of Tucepi. This may sound complicated to you, but you'll get to this beautiful holiday home easily. Ivan, your host and house owner, welcomes his guests at a frequent location near a big supermarket in Makarska, 5 minutes drive from the house. Ivan and his wife are friendly and communicative couple who will be happy to answer any questions. Think of this beautiful home as your starting point for discovering the Central Dalmatia, Islands and Dalmatian Inland too! At Villa Nina, wifi connection is available free of charge so we encourage you to download the All in Makarska Riviera, a free mobile guide and find out what's more around you, available for all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Villa Nina in Old Tucepi near Makarska in Croatia has a great living room for family vacation
How about a glass of wine here?

Take a look at this photo and remember, Covic's homemade wine is more than well worth tasting! We won't say more about it, we'll leave something for a surprise. For your maximum comfort and stress free holiday, Villa Nina's hosts phone numbers are available for any info you need, but in case you forgot it, just find Villa Nina inside our app All in Makarska Riviera and you can contact them directly. For tips on restaurants and excursions, best beaches and top sights, check the app.

Pool pictures, the moment you've all been waiting for. There's water, there is a terrace, the view, sunbeds and high walls for your intimacy! Now, you understand why we wrote about location of Gornje Tucepi in so many details. Peace and quiet, but only 5 minutes from the wild Makarska's nightlife. Staying at home grilling, than cocktails at the pool, or cruising around the beach bars and clubs in Makarska? You can change your mind anytime.

5 minutes up, 5 minutes down. As we wrote before, Makarska Riviera is full of ups and downs!

There are 5 rooms, with one of them being a bit more special than the others. The master bedroom offers a walk in wardrobe, two sofas and plenty of room to relax. Each bedroom has its own bathroom, air-conditioning, TV and Wi-Fi connection. To avoid paying unnecessary third party commissions, you can book this beautiful home directly, via website: Rustic Villa Nina Tucepi. For others, who are loyal AirBnb users, here's another link.

We gave you the material, you choose the tools, now go and shape your perfect holidays in Makarska Riviera.

Of course, if you feel inspired, write us and share your photos, stories and memories using hashtags #makarskariveira and #homelandofsummer!

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