Covid Testing during the Easter holidays in Makarska. Working hours and prices.

If you have decided to spend your Easter holidays in the Makarska Riviera, we suggest that you plan your time in accordance with the epidemiological situation. This article will guide you.


In case you need medical help, or need to be tested for returning to your country, here is the information you need to know:

Covid testing center Makarska schedule:

* Regular working hours: Mon - Fri 07:00 - 08:30 05.04. Easter Monday: 07:00 - 07:15 - with medical referral and 08:45 - 09:15 for paid tests (without a doctor's referral) Sign up for testing:

Occupancy is monitored through the application and depending on occupancy the working hours of testing center will increase. The price of the test is HRK 400.00 (53,00€) for the test in Croatian, while the test in English costs HRK 450.00 (60,00€).

Without a doctor's referral, before coming to the test you need to pay the amount of: -for Rt Pcr on Sars- COV 2 - HRK 400,00 (results within 48h) -for Issuance of test Rt Pcr Sars COV 2 in English - HRK 450.00 (VAT included)

IBAN: HR3823400091100180529 SWIFT: PBZGHR2X For reference number - enter your VAT number. Don't forget to bring a printed proof of payment with you.

CONTACT NUMBER PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE BRANCH OFFICE MAKARSKA +385 21 612 716 EMERGENCY CALL: +385 112 Epidemiologists +385 91 151 2003

+385 95 300 3010 Stick to prescribed epidemiological measures, wear masks indoors and don’t go on a trip if you don’t feel well.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. The information we publish is not medical instructions, but recommendations. The stated information was published on the official websites ( and ) and transmitted in its entirety.