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Brač and Hvar island excursion with Viganj boat

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

There is no better feeling than the summer breeze in your hair and the salty smell of the Adriatic sea. Well, this is exactly how we felt during the wonderful all-day excursion with Viganj boat to the islands Hvar and Brač.

Viganj boat excursion
Viganj boat excursion to Brac and Hvar

The meeting point was at Makarska waterfront at 8.50h, but we were advised to come early so we can catch better seats at the boat. There are deck chairs for the best view, but it is better to be in the shade while the hottest sun. For breakfast we had donuts and coffee, with the side of popular Croatian alcoholic drink 'rakija', but this one is only for the bravest.

Rakia or Rakija is the most popular liquor in Croatia. Travarica (herbal rakija) is usually served at the beginning of the meal, together with dried figs. The alcohol content of rakia is normally 40%, but home-produced rakia can even be stronger (typically 50%)

After about an hour of ride, we made it to our first stop - Jelsa, Hvar.

Jelsa is the town on the island of Hvar best known for its relaxed atmosphere, UNESCO heritage, crystal blue sea, beautiful beaches, and best wineries in the region...

We had an hour to explore this picturesque town before heading back to the boat for our next stop. On the sunniest island in Croatia grows the Mediterranean queen of all plants - lavender. It has earned this title for its numerous medicinal properties. You can see lavender fields in the middle of the island and buy its products in gift shops all over Jelsa.

Honestly, we wish we had more time exploring Jelsa, but it was time to go on our next stop - Bol on island Brač.

On our way to the island Brač, we had lunch. We were able to choose among three dishes (meat, fish and vegetarian lunch) with white wine, juice, salad and bread. But we were not alone :)

As soon as the lunch was ready we were accompanied by seagulls trying to get a piece of it too. It is hard to resist their cuteness, so they got away with a lot of fish in their mouth.

Girl enjoying boat excursion
Amazing time on the boat :)

After about 45 minutes we arrived to the island Brač.

Bol is the oldest coastal settlement on Brač with Zlatni Rat beach as one of the largest and most beautiful natural attractions in the Adriatic.

Like a tongue, it stretches almost half a kilometer into the blue of the sea. It grows by applying and depositing small pebbles around the submarine reef.

We had 3 and a half hours for sightseeing and swimming. Also, we were advised to take a taxi boat to Zlatni Rat, it was cheap, only 20 kunas for a person considering it would take us an hour of walk to get to the beach.

beach 'Zlatni Rat'

Zlatni Rat beach is one of the most beautiful in Croatia. Beach is a bit crowded, but considering its popularity it is expected. Water was crystal clear and warm. What is unique about Zlatni Rat is its ability to change shape due to the strong wind and sea currents.

The beach has lifeguards on duty to protect you during summer, and there is a century-old Mediterranean pine tree forest just 2 minutes walk from the waters edge, allowing you to take shelter from the blazing-hot sun.

Be sure to watch children carefully as the water gets deep very quickly


  • Beach beds and umbrellas available for rent

  • Cafes and restaurants within a short walking distance.

  • Showers

  • Portable kiosks for food and drinks

  • On beach waiter (provided by a nearby cafe)

playground for children

Fun hours went by so quickly and it was time to get back to the boat.

No doubt, we are coming back again. :)

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