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Black risotto - a beginners' guide!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

When you think about #cuttlefish , you immediately think of the black ink it spews when in danger. When you think about food, you don't necessarily have an image of black risotto in your plate.

However, the black risotto, or 'crni rižot' as we would call it, is a local specialty and an absolute must-try for all newcomers to Croatia.
Black cuttlefish risotto is a specialty of traditional Dalmatian and Croatian cuisine
Many Dalmatian restaurants have black risotto on their menu
The #recipe is fairly simple: get a cuttlefish, cut it, take out the little bag containing the ink, clean the rest.

Then take a pan, pour olive oil, add onions, garlic, parsley and cuttlefish. Cook for 10 minutes or so, add a bit of white wine. Salt, pepper, bay leaf, rosemary. Then rice and fish stock. At the very end, add some more parsley, and then the ink. Get off the heat and put a lid on it for 10 minutes (pun not intended). Serve hot and with some good white wine.

Although pretty straightforward, the recipe can be a bit intimidating for a beginner in seafood delights.

Black risotto recipe can include squid, shrimps and seashells from Adriatic sea
Everybody has their own version of Black risotto - some include other seafood like squids and sea shells
So, do yourself a favor, and go out to eat.

First of all, find yourself a GOOD fish restaurant. There are plenty in the area, and for a list, check out our “Eat & Drink” section. You can also download free mobile app with all the best restaurants already listed (click for IOS or Android).

Second, order a bit of everything.

Third, make sure your black risotto is your main course.

Then, have sip of white #wine , and wait for the cook to work their magic.

When it comes to your table, the #risotto will completely take over your dinner. You’ll find yourself completely stopping the conversation, looking at the plate, smelling that delight, and then having a first bite.

And from there, it’s either win or lose. But mostly win. You’ll probably love it.

And come back to it again and again.

Adding parmesan cheese to black risotto will ruin the taste of the Adriatic sea
Don't cover your risotto with parmesan cheese: you'll ruin the flavor of the sea

Such is the nature of everything that the Adriatic has to offer to us – a sense of awe, a scent of the sea, the love for simplest things in life. #blackrisotto #mediterranean #food

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