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Staying at the Beverly Hills of Makarska Riviera

Updated: Apr 13, 2020


Location: Makarska, Makarska Riviera Capacity: 8-10 people Price range: €€€ Basic features: #villa #makarskariviera #kidfriendly #pool #makarska


Even if you weren’t a fan of the most famous teen soap opera of the '90s, "Beverly Hills 90210", there is no doubt you know Beverly Hills as one of the most elite neighborhoods in the US, populated by the most famous Hollywood actors, filmmakers, singers, diplomats, top executives and other celebrities.

Featuring a luxurious lifestyle, it also houses the iconic Rodeo Drive, known for shops of the most luxurious garments.

Sometimes it feels its residents are competing in the size of their villas, the bigger the mansion, the thicker the wallet.

The reason for this introduction is the suburb of Makarska, Veliko Brdo. Located at the hills of the mountain Biokovo, on the west side of the city. Over the years, with the development of tourism, its residents made a lot of effort to renovate their houses turning them into beautiful villas and mansions. Thus the comparison with Beverly Hills.

Villas Karla and Mila, named after the owner's grand-daughters, are no exception.

Stylish living room interior and pool view
Stylish living room enterior at villa Mila

Since we mentioned the hills, you can probably assume the view from the villas is spectacular. And it really is. Whether you prefer morning coffee and the sunrise, or an evening glass of wine and the sunset, or the morning glass of wine and the sunrise (hey who are we to judge, you are on the vacation so enjoy yourself), the view of the crystal blue Adriatic sea and the neighboring islands makes you wish you could stay there forever.

Both villas offer 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, as well as parking places and a garage.

Information on accommodation for your holiday in Makarska Riviera, Croatia.
Cozy living room
The owner Tina says their intention was to provide a beautiful, luxurious feeling of the accommodation. Located a little outside of the town, in a suburb, villas offers the much needed privacy,and yet they are only few minutes away from the summer rush.

To experience the summer rush, you must certainly go to one of the most famous beaches in the Makarska Riviera, Buba beach, a minute drive from the villas. This beach is named after the Volkswagen's car - The Beetle (Croatian: beetle - buba) which somehow ended parked on the roof of the beach bar. This bar gained its popularity for the beach parties with cocktails in the afternoon and concerts in the evening. But if you don’t prefer that kind of amusement, heading west will take you to the less crowded beaches and few lounge bars, perfect for beach chilling. Worried how to get there? No problem, just download our free app Makarska Riviera All In and get directions. Actually, you can use this free mobile guide to visit all the great places in the Makarska Riviera, such as historic attractions, nature parks and other beaches too. Android users can use this link, and iOS users click here.

Fine pebble beach for your vacation in Makarska Riviera, Croatia.
One of many secluded beaches in Makarska Riviera

Don't worry about the parking space at the beach or in the front of the restaurant, just use the Makarska Riviera mobile guide and explore transportation options. We suggest you rent a car, or a taxi service for shorter relations. Both can be found at the Transport category inside this helpful mobile guide.

If you don't feel like heading out to restaurants every night, but would rather stay home chilling and grilling, the outdoor pool area and terrace is perfect for that.

Chilly nights won't be problem because the pool can be heated at any time. Care for a midnight swim under the stars?

Terrace and heated pool at the sunset for vacation in Makarska Riviera, in Croatia
Jump in the heated pool at any time

To avoid paying unnecessary third party commissions, you can book this beautiful villa directly through our app. All contact information, e-mail address and telephone numbers are available. Android users can use this link, and iOS users click here for free download.

Tina is very proud of being a host and is available 24 hours a day. With some additional charges, she is able to even offer transport from an to the airport.

Of course, if you feel inspired, write us and share your photos, stories and memories using hashtags #makarskariveira and #homelandofsummer!

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