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Beer lovers - here it is - The Rooster Pub

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Located in the heart of the city of Makarska, this pub is one of the locals' favorite spots. Pivnica Pivac, or Rooster Pub, is a home for everyone who can't resist to enjoy their favorite activity, drinking coffee and beer, no matter what. A small paradise for beer lovers with a selection of over 30+ different beers, imported and domestic, Pivnica Pivac gained its popularity selecting only the best beers from different breweries around the globe.

Rooster Pub in Makarska, Croatia is known for best coffee and wide selection of craft beer
Rooster Pub is a must-go place in Makarska

In '90s, Makarska Riviera was well known for numerous local rock bands, concerts and alternative music festivals and this place kept the spirit! Igor Joskic, the owner of the pub, is a total audiophile. That is why Rooster Pub plays only great music. In addition to the regular program, this pub also organizes pub quizzes, vinyl records parties and live music performances. Rooster Pub in Makarska is also a home ground for MaFest, international comic book festival which takes its place every year, at the end of May.

San Franpsycho Ipa beer tasting in Makarska in Croatia
Beer tasting in Makarska, San Franpsycho Ipa

Jimi Hendrix's Experience or Deep Purple's Machine Head seems like a perfect soundtrack for a pleasant night-out with a bunch of friends, or a first date with your rock 'n' rollin' babe. Rooster Pub was opened in 2009., on the ground floor of an old dalmatian house which makes this place even more authentic and interesting. No matter if you're fan of basic Pilsner beers, craft beer lover or a brewery enthusiast, Rooster Pub in Makarska is a place for you! Aside from the wide selection of different beer, another Rooster Pub's highlight is great coffee. If you have tasted better coffee on the Makarska Riviera, let us know! Located at the city center, on the Marineta street, this pub is a perfect "good morning" starting route! Osejava beach is right across the street, which we find very fitting.

Your summer marathon in Makarska should start here. First, a cup of macchiato. Than, take a walk to the Osejava beach and enjoy your morning swim, there aren't that many people in the morning, you will love it.

When you feel refreshed and the sun starts to heat up your face, it's time to grab a beer. Go back to the Rooster Pub. This routine will help you prepare for everyday chores, we can guarantee!

This place is alive all year round, not only in the touristic season, and that's the main reason you should check it out! It is widely known that bars in the touristic areas are only as good as much the locals value them. We suggest you to explore Rooster Pub's offer carefully. There are really interesting breweries this small pub offers.

Unlike other bars or pubs in this area, Rooster Pub is a home of the carefully selected domestic and foreign beers, whiskeys and classic malts you'll be surprised t