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Another day in Paradise: Makarska photo safari

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Over the last few days, the media have been reporting on Makarska Riviera more than usual. This time, not for promotional purposes. Although they claim otherwise, these photos clearly prove: Makarska Riviera is still the homeland of summer!

Attractive women in blue bikini having fun on the Makarska beach

These are today's photos from the central Makarska beach, photographed by our photographer Boris Luetic. He's on social media, follow him on instagram and facebook.

Men in shorts and a girl wearing red thong relaxing on Makarska beach

Boris is a member of our team, his photos are artistic and attractive - showing a bit different perspective of life here, in the Makarska Riviera.

Men enjoying a jet ski ride on the Makarska beach

Makarska Riviera = summer. Enjoy all the summer joys, beach activities and water sports. Jet skiing, parasailing, boat excursions... enjoying the view! Still, be responsible. Act in accordance with precautions and do not endanger yourself or others. When entering indoor areas, wear masks. Masks are mandatory in all stores and similar facilities.

Attractive girl in bikini tanning on the Makarska beach

See the following article (tap or click on photo). We have selected the activities we like that respect social distance, and you can all enjoy them!

Attractive girls walking around Makarska beach, wearing summer clothes
Beautiful girl walking around Makarska harbor
Church in Makarska
Terrace of Finger Food "Kala bar" in Makarska

Your choice: Sunbathing, exploring the old town, enjoying the view, swimming in the crystal clear Makarska sea. You can't go wrong.


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