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A horseshoe in the sky: Biokovo skywalk

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Getting to know Biokovo mountain can be a tricky process, especially if it's your first time the area, and you don't even know where to begin.

The View of Islands from Ravna Vlaška on Biokovo mountain in Croatia
The View of Islands from Ravna Vlaška on Biokovo

The first stop on this journey should be Presentation Center Adrion, run by Nature Park Biokovo officials, down in the center of Makarska. You'll find all the detailed info on Biokovo mountain there - a park employee will take you through an abundance of multimedia presentations, tactile experiences, exhibits of plant and animal varieties of the mountain, and even an earthquake simulation. That is also the place you should get your maps and other info on taking a trip to Biokovo Nature Park. Do not disregard the warnings they give you, Biokovo does not forgive mistakes. Once you're settled in, and have everything you need, get in your car and drive up the mountain.

The road is narrow and winding, so if you're not up to the challenge (and prefer to see the sights instead of looking at the road all the time), you can easily book a tour of the mountain. Plenty of agencies in Makarska offer such tours.

Old stone house blended into Biokovo hills in Croatia
Old stone house blended into Biokovo hills

Either way, make sure you stop at Ravna Vlaška viewpoint. Around 40 minutes into the Park, at 1228 meters above the sea level, you'll find this spectacular viewpoint. A brand new skywalk is finished in construction, and is waiting for visitors, the most daring ones.

The skywalk is shaped like a horseshoe, and it stretches out from the 1200 meter cliff directly above the abyss. Not for the fainthearted ones.

But the view is spectacular: you'll walk on a glass floor, looking straight underneath your feet towards Tucepi village on the coast. In front of you: a view to remember - Makarska on your right, Podgora on your left and all of the islands in front. If you're incredibly lucky, and you're there on a really clear day, you'll maybe also catch a glimpse of the Italian coast across the Adriatic. That's how amazing is the view from there!

From there, you can either continue your exploration of the mountain, or finish for the day. The choice is yours. And whatever you choose, you'll be glad!

To help you navigate the Makarska Riviera area, we developed the free mobile app, containing all the basic info at the palm of your hand. Make sure you download the IOS or Android version of it for your phone. Be advised, the app is there as an orientation tool, and all the info there should be taken with a grain of salt. Also, the mountain is an unforgiving one, and you should always carry that in the back of your mind. Never go alone, always have plenty of water, proper mountaineering footwear, layers of clothing, and a full battery on your phone. Should you need it, the universal emergency number is 112, and don't hesitate to call it when in need.


PRESENTATION CENTER ADRION WORKING HOURS: May - September: - Tuesday - Friday: 08,00 - 13,00 h / 17,00 - 21,00 h - Weekends & Public holidays: 08,00 - 13,00 h / 17,00 - 21,00 h - Monday closed October - April: Upon request and prior notice on e -mail:

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