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A Homeland of Summer

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Did anyone ask you to join them on a road trip for free?

Beautiful beach in Brela for your vacation in Makarska Riviera, Croatia.
Podrace baech in Brela near Makarska, Croatia

Homeland of Summer isn't just a phrase we like to use when Makarska Riviera comes to mind, it's a true description of a place where we live. Yes, we know what winter looks like and, trust us, if you haven't felt Makarska Riviera's bura wind, you don't know anything about cold no matter how north your home is. Yes, winter is coming and you know nothing Jon Snow. We already wrote about Game Of Thrones at the Makarska Riviera locations. But let us tell you something about winter in Makarska Riviera first. Bura wind can blow your head away and it's so cold you can't warm up even with layered clothing.

Mountain Biokovo's micro-climate has a big personality and in most cases, even meteorological experts can't predict when exactly the winter will appear in Dalmatia. But, most days, it feels like summer. Luckily.

Have you ever traveled around the world for free? No, you did not, and you won't but we can get close to that.

Don't worry, these pages are absolutely free and every information you get here is free of charge. We live in the world where information means money, so consider these articles precious gifts.

Join us

We would like to encourage you to join us in writing articles related to Makarska Riviera, so let us know when you're ready. Also, make sure to use hashtags at social media so we'll be able to repost your stories, memories, videos and photos. Hashtags we use are: #makarskariviera #homelandofsummer

A romantic sunset over Osejava peninsula in Makarska

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