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48 hours Makarska

Updated: May 20, 2020

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What to do in Makarska when you're short on time? No matter how much money is in your pocket, or how fast you can travel, there is a boundary no one can overcome. Time. This is a rigged game and there’s only one winner. We’ll show you some tricks on how to play this game and leave the ground proudly, no matter the final result.

If you have only 48 hours to spend on discovering Makarska, and want to experience the most of it, read carefully!

These tips and tricks are for adults only, not because of their explicit content but because of high activity levels that kids and elders aren‘t advised to follow.

  • GOOD MORNING MAKARSKA · Your morning routine should start as soon as possible, you want to see how beautiful non crowded mornings in Makarska looks like. Let’s say that 7 o’clock is a fair waking up hour. Morning routine will last 5 hours so make sure to have a big breakfast. If you’re staying in a hotel, you’ll be satisfied with the breakfast buffet in the hotel’s restaurant. If you prefer private accommodation, some of them are offering “bed and breakfast“ service, which is the best option for everyone who’s schedule is tight. We’re not 100% sure on other restaurants’ breakfast offers, but we tasted restaurant Tempera’s breakfast and we enjoyed it, fresh fruit and delicious delicatessen with eggs equipped us with all the nutrients for upcoming adventures. Your first morning coffee should be the best possible, and sometimes the view is more important than the coffee's taste. At the Kacic square, you'll have both. This place is a great start for a historical walking route, here are some more tips. Located at the Kacic Square, "Bety", "Yeti" and "Kacic" caffès are places where you'll be well served and awaken. Caffès usually open around eight or nine o’clock, and the most popular warm drink in Makarska is caffè macchiato. Explore Kacic Square and the Kalalarga street, take a photo or two and head north, to St. Mark's Church and Venetian fountain. On the left, you'll see an open market place called pijaca.

Makarska's pijaca offers fresh and colorful homegrown and imported fruits and vegetables. This place, together with the Kacic Square, is of great social importance, before shopping malls existed, markets like this were the lifeblood and meeting point for all residents and visitors. For those who want to know more: 7 historical places you should visit in Makarska

  • WALK BEFORE LUNCH When ready, stroll down to the sea and take a walk along the beautiful harbor where the excursion boats are preparing to sail off. Ask the sailors where they're going, and maybe your 48 hours trip will extend! Some of them are sailing to the islands of Brac and Hvar, and some of them are going more south, to the island of Korcula. There are party boats and calmer, kids friendly excursions. Maybe you'll love to experience them both. Each of them is special and different.

In the middle of the Makarska's harbor is a statue which is, basically, made in your honor.

Called "Monument to the Tourist", this great sculpture created by the sculptor Nikola Španjek, is hiding interesting stories and the "golden boob" will give you a hint. Also known as The Monument to summer love, it stimulates the imagination and tells interesting stories about Makarska's culture and tradition. Here's one story you'll love to read: Girls, watch out!

Monument to the Tourist
  • LUNCH TIME Here, we'll list some great places where you can eat well. Some of them are well known and popular, others are bit hidden but also great! We locals love routine, so when we find the place where we feel relaxed and fully-fed, we'll stay loyal to that place and its chef. For those who want to know more, read here: More eat & drink articles Konoba Kalalarga, a Dalmatian tavern as it should be, ranked among Top 10 restaurants in Makarska, is a special restaurant which preserves the traditional cooking, combining it with modern presentation. There's no classical menu, and there's a good reason why. Only what's fresh and homegrown is served. See Trip Advisor reviews here. Arta Larga by Gastro Diva, also located in the Makarska's most famous street Kalalarga, is (together with Mario Tomaš's Konoba Kalalarga) guilty for the expansion of the old town's food offer. This tavern, ranked as one of the best restaurants in Makarska is both cute and serious. Cute for its interior and the setting, serious about the food quality. Bistros "Berlin" and "Dinner Delight", restaurants on the main beach (click here for navigation, or use our mobile app for more information) are, if you trust TripAdvisor, #8 of 45 Seafood in Makarska. Read reviews here. Unlike the previous two taverns, these restaurants work only in the summer, unfortunately.

We love to eat here, too: Restaurant Riva | Vinc-Mornar Restaurant Bura Tempera StreetFood & Bar Don't forget to download All in Makarska Riviera free mobile guide, and discover more about Makarska's food places!

  • CHILL OUT AND RELAX Your mouth and belly are happy, now take it easy and relax for a while. Afternoon relaxation is important, and Dalmatians are the world champions in Chilling Out. When in Makarska, do as the Dalmatians do. Relax in a beach bar, or drink a beer in the Rooster Pub. Whatever you choose, stay hydrated and make sure you avoid direct sunlight. If you're a book lover, use this break for reading, and if you're happy enough to stay in Makarska in June, Šumoteka is the festival you'll enjoy! After a beer or two, you're ready for beach fun!

Rooster pub in Makarska

  • BEACH TIME Makarska is worth visiting for its wonderful beaches and landscapes, but also for recreation and sport activities. Our favorite beach is Makarska's central beach, the one we locals enjoy in post-season, when it's not so crowded and we can play picigin, our favorite summer game. It's not so easy to explain this game's rules, so we'll leave that for another article. All we can say is, when you see a bunch of guys running and jumping in the shallow waters, trying to catch the ball, don't be scared or astonished. For us, catching that ball is all that matters. If central beach seems too crowded, there are dozens of other beaches you can enjoy. Nugal beach is the most popular one, but the road which leads to it will shorten your limited 48 hour excursion, so we suggest to omit the Nugal beach from this plan. Yes, it's beautiful, and yes, it's worth visiting, but it takes a 2 hours walk (to there and back). If you haven't tried it before, this is an ideal occasion to use our free mobile guide, where all the Makarska's beaches are selected! Choose the one closest to your location, and you won't be wrong. Our app is free for Android and iOS users and can be very helpful no matter what are you looking for when traveling around Makarska Riviera. Click here. We know that you're still curious about Nugal, so here's an article on how to reach the Nugal beach by foot, check out this walking trail.

  • EVENING STROLL Let's get to the point, sunsets in Makarska are spectacular. First tip, greet sunset on the beach. Second tip, find a guy or a girl who knows how to play a guitar. Surround yourself with people who can sing, don't be shy - those young people you met in the afternoon are looking for fun, too! You're the person who can make a difference! Be considerate and thoughtful, please don't leave the garbage, bottles or cigarette butts behind! Let the night lead you through Makarska's streets and clubs. There's a bunch of markets nearby where you can buy refreshments to keep you hydrated in the hot summer nights. We'll say it again: don't leave the garbage behind, trash cans are all around - use them! If you're looking for more nightlife fun, here are some of the clubs worth mentioning: Deep Club, Makarana, Petar Pan and Marineta. If you're more into rock n roll music, Rockatansky and the Rooster Pub are the most popular places.

Sunsets in Makarska are romantic and beautiful

Hungry? Read more about eat & drink or download our free mobile guide for food guides, but also, you can visit great fast foods nearby. LaStrada fast food, located on the central beach is our choice. Fast and tasty snacks, cheeseburgers and pizzas will equip your body for a long night!

There's no need to describe what your nightlife should look like, but if you aren't into parties, get a nice, long night of sleep and prepare yourself for the upcoming day!
  • DAY 2 MORNING Wake up when you feel refreshed, eat your breakfast and stroll down to the city center, there are top sights you missed yesterday! An old proverb says, when you get up - it is best to take a rest. Ok, where to go? Again, All in Makarska Riviera mobile app will help you decide. We selected viewpoints, parks, museums and cultural spots you don't want to miss. Take an easy walk around the old town and enjoy the gentle morning sunshine for drinking coffee and organizing memories and photos you captured the day before. Free WIFI is available in almost every bar, use the sunshades for sharing photos with your friends and family, upload the best of it on your Instagram and don't forget to tag @makarskariviera #homelandofsummer to get reposted!

Saint Peter Peninsula in Makarska

We suggest you visit Saint Petar Peninsula, morning views from here are breathtaking. Here's a walking trail around this park. If you want to visit another sight, check out our Activities section. Morning wandering can be more active, too. Some of these paths you can use for your running or biking routine too! There are dozens of "rent a bike" services in Makarska, and all of them are similar in price range and its rolling stock, so you can't go wrong. Cycling around the town is great fun and decent recreation. Makarska is a safe city, but be sure to keep an eye on the bikes.

Recreation is a great way to recharge your batteries.
Running around the Osejava peninsula

  • CULTURE BEFORE LUNCH The summer heat starts early in the morning, so if you're hot and sweaty after the morning tours, the best option is to take a swim and a shower. When ready, look for the bell tower from the following picture. Franciscan Monastery.

Franciscan Monastery Makarska

Franciscan Monastery's library holds over 5000 books, and the Malacological Museum (shells museum), housed in a Franciscan monastery showcases over 3,000 specimens of seashells. Founded by scientist and monk Friar Jure Radic (1920-1990), Makarska's malacological museum is the most famous malacological collection in Croatia. Absolutely worth visiting! If you're having trouble finding this place, don't worry - our app will guide you. This place is of great cultural importance, as is its sensitive content.

Working hours Monday - Saturday: 10 - 19 Sunday: 10-13

  • NEW DAY, NEW FOOD We hope that you’re satisfied with yesterday’s lunch, and you’d probably want to go back to the same restaurant today as well. Do as you please, but keep in mind that another place can amaze you even more, so why not to take a risk? Ride a bike or take a walk around the old town, you might find very interesting taverns. Also, a good idea is to get down to the beach, there are bistros and restaurants nearby offering you the "swim, eat, rest, repeat" experience. Do not overeat before swimming. The sun is strong, don’t expose yourself too much.

Makarska Central beach
  • SOUVENIR SHOPPING Bringing a souvenir from the trip is sometimes more important than bringing back the passport. Souvenirs can serve as an excuse, a memory, and a gift for your loved ones. Once you're on the main beach, you are able to wander around the souvenir shops around you. The gift shops' offer is diverse, here you can find everything for everyone's taste. Circular promenade is surrounded by small shops, and in addition to souvenirs and gifts, it offers various forms of entertainment and fast foods, but also beach bars. Some shops offer original souvenirs, homemade products and cosmetics and some of our favorites are: - Hildegard Natural Cosmetics, as the name suggests, is a small local company specialized in production of natural cosmetics and skin care. - T-shirt shop Makarska is a "print on demand" shop, offering wide range of designs for any occasion. Here, you can become a designer for a minute (that's how long it takes for a t-shirt to be made). That's fun! You can choose your style, color, design and watch how it's made. A tour of the Makarska market can take time, but don't worry! There are bars, restaurants and bistros all around where you can sit, eat, drink and take a rest.

If you like, you can replay last night's party visiting bars and clubs, or you can just relax wandering around Makarska's beach and harbor.

We hope you enjoyed this guide. Next time, book more time for Makarska, 48 hours isn't enough for everything this picturesque dalmatian town has to offer! We hope you had fun, and if you want to share your blog stories, videos and photos, feel free to contact us:

Makarska Riviera, #HomelandOfSummer

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