48 hours Makarska

Updated: May 20, 2020

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What to do in Makarska when you're short on time? No matter how much money is in your pocket, or how fast you can travel, there is a boundary no one can overcome. Time. This is a rigged game and there’s only one winner. We’ll show you some tricks on how to play this game and leave the ground proudly, no matter the final result.

If you have only 48 hours to spend on discovering Makarska, and want to experience the most of it, read carefully!

These tips and tricks are for adults only, not because of their explicit content but because of high activity levels that kids and elders aren‘t advised to follow.

  • GOOD MORNING MAKARSKA · Your morning routine should start as soon as possible, you want to see how beautiful non crowded mornings in Makarska looks like. Let’s say that 7 o’clock is a fair waking up hour. Morning routine will last 5 hours so make sure to have a big breakfast. If you’re staying in a hotel, you’ll be satisfied with the breakfast buffet in the hotel’s restaurant. If you prefer private accommodation, some of them are offering “bed and breakfast“ service, which is the best option for everyone who’s schedule is tight. We’re not 100% sure on other restaurants’ breakfast offers, but we tasted restaurant Tempera’s breakfast and we enjoyed it, fresh fruit and delicious delicatessen with eggs equipped us with all the nutrients for upcoming adventures. Your first morning coffee should be the best possible, and sometimes the view is more important than the coffee's taste. At the Kacic square, you'll have both. This place is a great start for a historical walking route, here are some more tips. Located at the Kacic Square, "Bety", "Yeti" and "Kacic" caffès are places where you'll be well served and awaken. Caffès usually open around eight or nine o’clock, and the most popular warm drink in Makarska is caffè macchiato. Explore Kacic Square and the Kalalarga street, take a photo or two and head north, to St. Mark's Church and Venetian fountain. On the left, you'll see an open market place called pijaca.

Makarska's pijaca offers fresh and colorful homegrown and imported fruits and vegetables. This place, together with the Kacic Square, is of great social importance, before shopping malls existed, markets like this were the lifeblood and meeting point for all residents and visitors. For those who want to know more: 7 historical places you should visit in Makarska

  • WALK BEFORE LUNCH When ready, stroll down to the sea and take a walk along the beautiful harbor where the excursion boats are preparing to sail off. Ask the sailors where they're going, and maybe your 48 hours trip will extend! Some of them are sailing to the islands of Brac and Hvar, and some of them are going more south, to the island of Korcula. There are party boats and calmer, kids friendly excursions. Maybe you'll love to experience them both. Each of them is special and different.

In the middle of the Makarska's harbor is a statue which is, basically, made in your honor.

Called "Monument to the Tourist", this great sculpture created by the sculptor Nikola Španjek, is hiding interesting stories and the "golden boob" will give you a hint. Also known as The Monument to summer love, it stimulates the imagination and tells interesting stories about Makarska's culture and tradition. Here's one story you'll love to read: