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All in Makarska Riviera

All in Makarska Riviera is a free mobile guide designed by locals. This mobile guide isn't a static application, we're refreshing its content on a daily basis just to make sure you wont' miss something important. Venues of cultural or sport events, concerts and festival's timetables are uploaded as soon as we got all the info about it. You can use it in different ways, but the best way is just to download it and decide for yourself. If you don't find it helpful, you can easily uninstall it, but our recommendation is to keep it on your smartphone while you're staying on the Makarska Riviera. We'll write down some important things to keep an eye on. This app is free for every Android and iOS users, and doesn't charge any fees.

All in Makarska Riviera will show you 6 main categories:

  • Accommodation on the Makarska Riviera is designed for planning a vacation in the first place, and can help you find the perfect apartment, hotel or room for your staying. Unlike some other booking services, we don't charge anything and you can call, e-mail or sms homeowners directly. In that way, you can be sure that you're talking to the real people which is a open space to negotiate your terms and prices. We don't sell anything and we don't see your personal information or your conversations neither. This is a clean line between you and your future host. Address and navigation options are available and can be really helpful in making a decision. A tip on how to use that: Not every house is located so close to the beach as it seems, and not every house is far away from city crowd.

  • Food and Drink is a map every gastro nomad or food lover (party animals too..) will appreciate to have in pocket. Browsing this section will give you ideas on where to eat, drink coffee, or gin tonics. Just like every other category, this one will show you directions and distance from you to selected place so you can decide on how are you going there, walking, running, swimming or taking a bus or taxi ride. Then, Transport and rent category, colored in blue, will be your next step.

  • Transport and rent offers six more sub-categories whose job is to represent you different ways for wandering around beautiful Makarska Riviera. You can browse rent a car agencies, taxi drivers and bus stations (timetables too!), but also other options which can be more fun. Renting a scooter or a boat maybe? Bicycling is our favorite option for discovering all the beaches, squares, parks and trails, so don't miss that. Have that in mind while reading the content inside our forth category.

  • Activities are essentials. There's no better way to experience the destination than to grapple with all the beauty around you, leaving all the obstacles behind. If you're a nature lover, sports enthusiast or a travel blogger, the first button from the left - excursions, will be your first fingertip. Here, you can find some of the best agency -organized excursions around Makarska Riviera, perfect options for hiking amateurs who wants to visit Biokovo mountain and get to know everything what this spectacular nature park has to offer. Also, you can find boat trips, hiking trails, walking tours and more! For those who needs a rest, there's a map of beauty salons, shops, hairdressers and dentists. Sport courts and watersports locations is for those who wants to keep fit and stay in shape even on holidays. Let us know how it works.

  • Top sights on the Makarska Riviera are one of the main reasons you decide to come, isn't it? Don't worry, we selected all the places you should visit. Nature parks, beaches, squares, churches, museums, ancient streets and viewpoints are photo friendly places where you will love to perpetuate your vacation. Using this app, you'll have an opportunity to discover really cool historical places, but also will help you navigate through the smaller places like Brela, Baška Voda or Podgora.

  • Information section contain another five sub categories: events, interesting facts, notifications, tips and public services. This section provides necessary information and safety tips to make you feel safer and informed. Events category contain a list and a map of all interesting events and festivals you'll love to attend in the Makarska Riviera. Interesting facts, such are articles and blog stories about the Game Of Thrones filming locations, traditional recipes or Croatian language specificities will help you learn more about Makarska, so don't miss this category. Notification center is a place where some important announcements will be published when needed. Tips category will, as the name implies, provide additional information on how to behave, where to park, when are the public holidays in Croatia and more. A list of Public services, such are post offices, pharmacies, ambulances, police stations, dentists, but also exchange offices and bus stations with timetables, telephone numbers and additional links

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