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Safety comes first and we will do our best to provide you with the most important information to make your trip as comfortable as possible. All the important telephone numbers and websites you'll find in our mobile guide, but also the notifications, advisories and warnings about possible emergency cases. Aside from pharmacies, ambulances, police stations and fire departments, post offices and other public services are selected.

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS - The following is a list of public holidays in the Croatia. On these days, shops, museums and attractions usually either close earlier or are closed the entire day – handy to know for Croatia visitors!


1 January             New Year's Day

6 January             Three Kings Day

12 April                Easter

13 April                Easter Monday

1 May                   Labor Day

30 May                 National Day

11 June                Corpus Christi

22 June                Anti-Fascist Struggle Day

5 August              Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day

15 August            Assumption of Mary

1 November        All Saints' Day

18 November      Remembrance Day

25 December       Christmas Day

26 December       Saint Stephen's Day




The currency in Croatia is the Kuna (symbolised as KN). Other currencies are normally not accepted, so be sure to change euros, dollars, etc. at one of the currency exchange offices located throughout the city. Many shops and restaurants in the Makarska Riviera accept credit cards, but not all. It is therefore recommended to either ask before you order or ensure you have a sufficient amount in cash to cover the bill. You can check current exchange rate at the website of Croatian National Bank 


If you are a guest of a hotel or private accommodation, you can often use their wireless internet. More and more cafes and restaurants are now also offering wireless internet, which you can access with your own laptop or mobile phone.


In most cases, the only form of ID required is a valid passport. And if you’re an EU citizen, you can also use your national ID card. 
Croatian customs regulations are almost entirely in harmony with EU standards.


Pets are welcome in the Makarska Riviera. Just make sure your pet is vaccinated and micro chipped before entering Croatia so they can pass as a straightforward examination.


Crime levels are low and violent crime is rare.  Take care in busy tourist areas, where pickpockets are known to operate. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Don’t leave valuables unattended, particularly on the beach. Use a hotel safe if possible. Report all incidents of crime to the local police station and get a police report.


If you are hiking in the mountains seek expert advice from local guides, however tame the mountain might seem to you. The weather in the Croatian mountains can change quickly, even in summer and temperatures can get very low overnight.


There have been reports of hikers getting lost in the mountains when they have gone out alone and left marked paths. If you do find yourself in trouble inform the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service Hotline on 091 721 0011.


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