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What's happening in Makarska Riviera?

Makarska Riviera is not only the sea and the sun, although Makarska beaches are known as one of the most beautiful. Makarska Riviera's cultural heritage and its citizen's appetite for socializing and learning created fun, entertaining and educational, cultural events even the bigger towns wouldn't be ashamed of.


Aside from the well known Fisherman's evenings, a traditional harbor parties where you can taste local products and enjoy traditional live music, Makarska Riviera is also an exciting stage for musicians, comics fans, audiophiles and bookworms. For musicians and music lovers, there's Makarska Jazz Festival which gathers musicians from all around the globe, offering five days of live music and fun! For those about to rock, there's a  rock 'n' roll themed live stage show named Tribute To Festival, an event where you hear the best tribute bands who looks and sounds just like their idols. Fans of comics, quizzes, reading and books should write down Šumoteka and MaFest festivals.

Beer lovers, hedonists and gourmands would appreciate Krafting's selection of craft beer, gins and delicacies. In Brela, another great music event, named Šakan Fest took its place. In Tucepi there's another music festival named Toochepin, but Tucepi's trademark is surely "KaKultura u Tucepskim zaseocima", an event which promotes the cultural heritage and an authentic way of life in the hamlets of Biokovo.

Festivals of a cappella singing, poem nights, domestic and foreign pop stars' live performances, exhibitions, choir singing and other exciting performances are marking the Makarska Riviera as a perfect vacation destination no matter your interests are.

Here's a calendar where you can see all recent Makarska Riviera events' schedules and timelines. For more detailed information, locations and notifications about recent happenings, download our mobile guide. It's completely free and designed for Android and iOS smartphones.

Makaska Riviea Calendar
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